Sins of the Solar Empire.

The 15th Black Crusade: The Sol Empire War Part 1
The Calm before the Storms

The 15th Black Crusade: The Sol Empire War

The Calm before the Storms

   Zhuge sighed as he slumped a bit more into his chair. The troubles keep piling up and the means to resolve them keep dwindling away. It has been two weeks since the Wyld Hunt began a war against us. We have yet to feel the brunt of it ourselves but our allies of the Horde Lands have suffered devastating losses and subjugation from the Dragon Blooded hunters and the soldiers. So far we have only managed to kill about 1,200 calvary of theirs and 4 of the Dragon blooded. In order to be able to better watch their moves I need to fix the gyroscope in Harkynvhal. For this I will need to get the Coral Star. With another deep sigh Zhuge stood up and looked out the window. I guess it is time to truly resolve the issue with Illuvar. Their spy and trying to make our people betray us can not go unanswered.


The 15th Black Crusade: The Sol Empire War
The Blood of the Horse Kings

The 15th Black Crusade: The Sol Empire War

The Surprise Attack

   It had only been a few hours since the sun rose but already the heat of the plains was becoming noticeable. Gelt leaned heavily on his spear atop the wall lazily scanning the surrounding plains. A few more hours and this will be a sweltering hell he grumbled. he took another casual glance out when something caught his eye. A streak of dust appeared on the horizon. The shape and amount of dust being thrown up was very odd. Soon several more streaks also appeared. What animal could kick dust so high? How fast would they have to run to do that he thought. In 20 seconds his question was answered as he watched and alerted several other guards. Old Pella grumbling came to have a look and the color of his face drained immediately. Sound te warning horns immediately we are about to be attacked! he screamed! A few additional precious seconds were lost as everyone cleared their shock and began blowing the horns. Regrettably the speed of the soldiers was nothing compared to the summoned wind of the Dragon Blooded sorcerers who streaked across the plains to the city vaulting over the walls before dispersing their winds and coming to a halt. This is where the real horror began. The guards that were ready tried to confront the intruders. They quickly found out all of the groups of the attackers were exalted and they proved no match for them. They quickly spread out slaying anyone who the saw with a violence that would have been better suited to a Malfean torture chamber. Blood flowed between the fallen dismembered bodies of women, children, and soldiers desperately trying to stop the savagery. The battle took less then 5 hours before it was over. The Dragon blooded stopped the orgy of destruction and began giving orders to those still living. Less than half a day later a legion of their troops marched into our city. Our Caer had fallen. Gelt no less a right arm lay amongst the wounded in a hospice weakened from the wound and the reduced rations. People overheard the talking of the soldiers stationed in the city. Evidently the Dragon Blooded conquered all of our sister tribes cities. They were launching what they called a black crusade against the Sol Empire. We were the first victims of the assault. They are our allies though. I am sure they will come and honor their words with us.

   It has been several weeks now since they crusaders have occupied our city. I have begun regaining my strength although missing an arm is going to take getting used to. The soldiers of the crusade gossip continues to trickle in what little information of what is happening outside to us. Evidently the court sorcerer of Caer Zergul managed to get away. Later he seems to have came back and inflicted savage damage to the calvary units of several legions. He evidently then went north into Prasad and has been burning and slaughtering the soldiers inside the invaders country. The soldiers seemed to indicate that their supply trains have been coming irregularly when at all due to the Devil Sorcerer as they have taken to calling him. A number of the Prasad troops in the legions worry for their families as the sorcerers attacks are well noted amongst the crusaders. It appears that a lot of movement may be happening in the Sol Empire. I hope they come soon.

   More news has come in. The nurse told me that evidently the city controlled by crusaders from Lookshy took a surprise attack from the Solars of the Sol Empire. Their is a rumor that they have some sort of weapon that is capable of shooting vast distances. I don't know if their is true or not but the facts are 4 dragon blooded crusaders were killed in an explosive attack and the were unable to understand how it happened. Another of them seemed to be heavily wounded and only survived due to his aspect. It seems their caution has only increased now.

War Assessment of the Surprise Attack
By: Sanguine Shadows

War Assessment of the Surprise Attack

Greetings Master,

   I hope my report finds you in good health and clear mind in tis troubled time. My preliminary investigation has been completed while you damaged the supply lines and home of the enemy. The summary is as follows.

   The enemy is confirmed as the Wyld Hunt. The hunt is on a scale that has not been seen in centuries. From my spying I have learned it is what is called a Black Crusade. Master your circle has the "distinct" honor of being the 15th time in their hunts history to have called a Black Crusade. The last was against a small pack of elder Lunars three centuries ago. No crusade has failed yet, however I found out that several were truly devastating in the losses they took. The crusaders seemed to split into groups of 4-5 and using Stormwinds they vaulted over the walls and overran the surprised defenders. The current closest estimate of the enemy forces are listed below.

Dragonblooded Exalts: 200 (apx 40 are also sorcerers)

Soldiers: 9 Legions totally 45,000 Legionaires + 2500 irregulars +1500 supply and logistic troops per legion of 5,000 men. One legion is stationed in each of the 9 cities of the horselords.

Demons / Elementals: Estimated at 500 currently and growing daily.

   Master these numbers are extraordinary and quite possibly insurmountable even for one as formidable as you and the circle you have. They are experienced Wyld Hunt participants and their goal seems to be us then Champoor. Please exercise caution Master as this amount of Dragon Blooded in one place is unprecedented in recent history.

You Faithful Servant.





Men under the Mountains.

Journey to the center of Creation. The Mountain Folk.

  I hurried as quickly as I could once word reached me that the man of Stone we freed from the tower finally had regained consciousness from the injuries he received. I hurried to the room and was able to finally see the diminutive man look around a bit confused as he saw Keris and Rune who were taking care of him and had an odd look on his face. The stone man was not tall only being about 3 and a half feet tall and nearly as wide. We waited for him to gather his bearings and speak.

  Where am I he asks? Where is the rest of the crew? Standing up I tell him he in the Sol Empire and that he was the only one of his kind we found in the tower we rescued him from after we exterminated the enemies we fought. We chatted a bit more and offered to help him return to his people since it sounds like it was very dangerous for him to try to make it alone. We rested up and made preparations and the day after in the morning Chaun'De, Me, Keris, Rune and Morloc left with our new friend to journey home. Thanks to Keris and Runes abilities we sunk deeper and deeper into the earth til we can to a tunnel and dropped down into it. After several minutes of searching the mountain man found his bearing and we began our journey back to his encampment.

Still under construction -———-


Harkynvhal Court

Court Intrigues

   I hope Chaun'De isn't causing to many troubles. Zhuge brow furrowed a bit as he looked down from the tower array he was working on towards the central spire in the distance. Well she hopefully has reigned in her excesses a bit more then usual with the warning I gave her about messing with the Jarl. I have been continuing to restore more of Harkynvhal's functions to take advantage of the quiet time are Empire has unusually been blessed with. The three towers that still had functioned are all now fully repaired and the wiring, conduits, and control panels were all replaced now as well. It has taken a great deal of time to get this much completed, but with the control panels restored the ability to control a portion of Harkynvhals defenses and functions is beginning to return. I really mut think of a way to properly reward my women for all of the work they have put in to bring this Empire into proper order. Ok let finish the exterior repairs Rune and Keris and I think we cna then go to the next tower.

 Letter to Emperor Brutus I – Excerpt from Zhuge Liangs messages

  As requested Chaun'De has completed her assessments and evaluation of the Harkynvhal Court. The additional information for you have been summarized below.

Jarl Ma'Grov – Ruler, 65 male. Has strong duty to his people and believes rulers should act for their people and protect them.

Chief Outrider (Ambassador) – Ryster Ma'Grov Chief Negotiator 25, male. Youngest of two sons of the Jarl. He is primarily a diplomat. His fighting skills are middling. He however is an excellent horseman. While he wishes to be able to always ride free he has a deep belief in the duty to his family and his people.

General – Ku'Lhain Ma'Grov General of Troops 32 male, he is known as a great warrior who has excellent fighting prowess. He is martially gifted and we believe that Battle is the crucible of glory best describes him as well as his devotion to his family.

Minister of Agriculture – William Skarsgaard Head of Agriculture 40 male, He is a studious man in charge of growing crops for the city where they can. The best description of him would be that patience pays off seems to be his maxim as is the loyalty to his younger brother.

Minister of the Interior – Gunther Skarsgaard Head of the Interior 33 male, a stern but fair man he is known as taking his job very seriously. A special note should betaken that he doesn't tolerate disrespect to himself or others around him.

Captain of the Guard – Rikkon Fremaro Guard Captain 24 male, A young capable young man who has yet to step out of the shadow of the man who held the position prior. He is struggle to gain the proper respect of his city guards currently. He is best summed up as a man trying to redeem the honor of his house and a man who knows the duty ot the people and the city.

Chaun'De also indicated additional details regarding the people in the houses of the city. Currently it breaks down as House Ma'Grov, House Skarsgaard, House Fremaro, House Dhalsym.

  As more information becomes available to us I will report it to you. Overall my impressions of the city are the same as prior. It is competently ran with excellent leadership in place and functions quite well. My only real worry is the peoples loyalty is to the ruler still and not necessarily to the empire. I think some additional actions or works here should help blend that more. I will also investigate more ways I could assist in getting the city more Empire loyal as a whole.

  It was noticed that Jarl Ma'Grov's age is starting to catch up to him some. I was thinking o offering several works projects for the city. Some options I thought for your review are as follows:

1. Rejuvinate Ma'Grov

2. Complete some rituals on the grounds of the city to make them stay fertile to grow more food with less work.

3. Repair more of the ruined infrastructure of the city like the street lights etc while doing the work on the Manses Restoration.

4. add wards to the city area to prevent demon, ghosts, and other entities from being able to enter the city areas.

  If there are other thoughts you may have as well I am happy to review them for the best solutions we could provide.

Your Ambassador,

Zhuge Liang

Two Gods One Manse.
Freyrdawn's gods new home

The Dual Aspect Manse

  This is quite a bit more difficult than I originally thought mused Zhu. Another attempt to set the flow of the wood and water essence collapsed again. Deeply sighing he set about laying a new configuration of plants and ponds and Jade carvings to better pull the flow of essence the way he wished. there will be a way to balance these elements I just have to find the key to it. It had been several days of near successes but still failing. Frustration was beginning to creep into Zhu's tone more and more. It doesn't elp that both gods wish me to make the manse a singular element instead of a dual one. Even if that means its at expense of the other. To be fair I understand a lot better now why they both advised against this goal. It's significantly harder to complete.

   Frustrated by the setbacks Zhu decided to take a few days off and went to his Manse back at Ysyr to check in on Raikiri as well as Shen Li to see how her studies not only in sorcery but in academics as well. He was determined especially after she exalted as an Air aspect Dragonblood that she would receive an education that would make the god of wisdom and learning proud. Uncle Zhu! was shouted out within a few moments of being spotted by Shen Li as she rushed and lept at Zhuge with full confidence he would catch her. Her faith was not unrewarded as indeed he did as she hugged in tightly and rubbed her face on his chest. It was a few seconds more before the blistering barrage of her excitement was launched at Zhuge. She told him of the spell she was trying to learn how many times 8 goes into itself to make 64. How the River provinces have countless rivers and how she could name all the big ones immediately. How the emissary protects Nexus and it is the place to get anything and lose everything. How she should use the second fork at formal dinners not the big one and countless other things she was learning. Her excitement and happiness was contagious and Zhuge soon forgot his frustration as he patiently listened to the young girl tell him about her last few weeks and what she has done. Zhu patted her head to calm her after she began to lost her breath from trying to speak ever faster. Calm yourself little one there is plenty of time for you to tell me of your days. I promise I will listen. Shen Li Looked down a bit in embarrassment. I am sorry Uncle Zhu you just don't come here regularly and I got to excited. I know you are busy cause you are helping other people. I am sorry for being selfish. Zhu bent down and hugged her tightly. Shen Li you are not a selfish girl. You are a wonderful young lady who is kind and patient even when matters keep me from you longer then they should. Lets keep you studying earnestly so that your wisdom will match your kindness and determination. As Zhu picked her up and carried her then he said. Come let us go see how Master Raikiri is healing from his wounds. Together they went to check in on Raikiri and seeing him recovering well they left after a short visit.

   After having a snack of honeyed fruits together Zhu felt quite refreshed. Shen Li suddenly spoke up Uncle Zhu? Why did you come back suddenly? You usually do not come here so quickly after your last visit. Ahh remembering the matter at hand Zhu smiled and said Shen Li your uncle is having a bit of a problem balancing the elemental essence near Freyrdawn to build a manse I have been working on. I am falling just short of getting it balanced but it keeps failing at the last minute. It is quite frustrating. So to clear my mind and to also come check on my favorite student I came here for a visit. Shen Li scratched her head a bit. Geomancy class was very basic but she just started so it was not something easy for her to understand. Sensing this Zhu smiled and tried to explain it another way. It is like having two dogs one is a little smaller and one is a little bigger. The small dog is faster at first but soon the big dog runs past it and overpowers it. The essence there is the same way The wood essence is a little weaker but flows much faster wile the water essence is stronger but doesn't flow as fast initially. It makes balancing them to complete the manse difficult. Shen Li looked to be deep in though and then asked Why don't you just make a dam? If you did that then you could make both of them the same easily right ? Zhuge opened his mouth to speak but soon closed it as he thought of the idea more. While extremely simple in truth there was no flaw in the idea. Thoughts began to gather and a solution to his dilemma began to form. Shen Li you just may yet be a bigger genius than I had expectations of. Kissing her forehead and patting her head he said I believe we will use your idea perfectly. After that they played together for a few hours and Zhu departed back to the manse site at Freyrdawn.

   Zhuge redid the design of the manse entirely. To balance the water and wood essence he built a fantastic multi tiered flumes and channels in which water flowed to a wooden basin where it pooled before falling in a waterfall into the ponds below. Over 10 of the aerial flumes creating beautiful waterfalls were built casting countless rainbow colored hues in the light of the sun across the manes grounds. The most beautiful treat was the reverse waterfall that used jade carvings to literally shoot the water up from the grounds back up to the basin in the air to keep the entire water flows running perpetually. Lush vegetation and bee hives completed the grounds as the last essence flows finally locked into place and completed the harmonious flows of both essence types together. I must remember to take Shen Li here soon as a reward for her idea. I wonder how much she will like the resulting look. The manse and its grounds almost seemed to pulse with vitality as the essence pooled and eddying and flowing faster and slower in a perfect system of beauty nourishing the grounds.  Well Lokenrin and Kaledin any complaints with the new Manse you will be charged with protecting? Both gods stepped out from their respective realm and finally looked upon the new Manse. Zhuge this is a much better result than either of us expected. True to your stubborn fairness you made this a place where we both can replenish ourselves and you benefited all while favoring none. Kaledin pouted a bit as she mumbled although as a fertility goddess it does sting you didn't favor me even a little more. Zhuge hearing her mumble she thought was quiet enough chuckled and said Kaledin while I favored neither of you for the Manse I did make one thing for you that Lokenrin did not get. Kaledin eyes narrowed into crescent moons as her smile began to expand. Oh really Shu? What may I ask is this? Zhu took them to the gardens heart and there Kaledin eyes grew wide again. Oh Zhu! this is well beyond any expectations I had you truly know how to flatter a woman and goddess! In the temple portion of the manse dedicated to Kaledin her shrine contained a literal bed of water where her supplicants praying for fertility could copulate in rites to please her. Overlooking the bed was a statue that detail was flawless in showing Kaledins beauty and regalty. Lokenrin also had a statue and temple shrine as well but consented to this seeming favoritism as Zhu spoke with him prior on the idea and meaning for it. Lokenrin chuckled at her display and said be careful Zhu she may bless you so much that you wont be able to walk past a woman with out her growing pregnant with your offspring. Lokenrin please do not give her any ideas of such a thing there is still too much to be done for that to occur. I can't protect my family properly yet so I do nto wish to have one as of yet. When the time comes Kaledin I hope to rely on your abilities then. leaping forth and hugging his arm as she leaned on him she smiled and said when you are ready Zhu I will guarantee your bloodline will never fail till the end of creation! You wil be lucky to only have one child at a time at that point. Laughing as she smiled she winked and then let his arm go. Thank you again Zhuge for doing this. We are both grateful and will make sure to keep not only our word but to keep our blessings upon the lands and people. Thank you you both said Zhuge with a bow. I will come visit again soon but I still have many things yet to complete. 

Shattered Soul Restored for a Princess' Smile
The Captain returns to his post

Stitching a Soul Together

   Several months of studying and research will hopefully pay off tonight with the end of this ritual. Zhu shut another book and rubbed his glabella. The sun had already retreated for the night and his candles once tall and proud now sputtered weakly puddled in the pools of their previous vigor casting shadows about his study. Suddenly a look of inspiration struck Zhu's face as he looked at the dancing shadows and said that is it! Several days passed without sleep as Zhu prepared the intricate concentric circles around the alter he made to account for the needed channeling, restraints, healing, and fusing binding he would need for his goal to be realized. satisfied with the resulting work he then took the subject of such intense study Windhyme Elseim soul eaten Captain of the guards and escort of the Princess of Harkynvhal. Zhu firmly strapped him into the alter as he gently patted his forehead. This will most likely be excruciating for you my good ser. I hope you will forgive me for any lingering pain this may cause but you have left a promise with a young woman I simply will not allow you to break. With a gentle smile Zhu begin to paint the sigils and seals on the correct acupoints across the captains body. Finishing a bit early Zhu took a few hours to meditate and prepare as he waited for the sun to reach the Zenith in the sky and fully illuminate the altar before he began the ritual and surgery to hopefully restore the Captain to his former self. a small table outside the circle but equally marked with runes held hundreds of various items that belong to the Captain. His whole life was represented there, at least Zu was hoping, as he added a few more things to it that Zhu made personally. With the sun almost in place Zhu light the bowl of oil under the wooden table holding the items of his life turned to the circle took his place and called forth to start the ritual. Ignis Divne! Unconquered Sun and Lord of the Incarna hear your champions cry! Today in your name I right a grievous wrong inflicted upon a child of Creation. Grant me your endurance as your champion restores that which was stolen by thieves and makes whole again a worthy child of creation who in defense of his home, his country, and his love fought for the sake of all without concern for his own. Zhu then turned towards the table holding the numerous items and bgan to move the essence as he sculpted the incoming essence and the runes on the table began to glow as the flames from the oil bowl jumped higher and began to burn the table and items on it immediately. The runes pulsed light blue as the slowly pulsed faster and faster till they turned a deep purple as all the items began to burn to ash. Small motes of light like a fireflies from some forgotten field began to rise from each item and floated lighting. At this point Zhu immediately sat down in a lotus position as his began to meditate and a spirit body of his rose. Once in this form the tiny motes of light revealed themselves to Zhu clearly for what they were. Hundreds of inch tall small gods floated in the air sustained by the essence and runes that Zhu made prior.

   Zhu immediately bowed deeply to all of the small gods before him. My little friends I can never thank you enough for the sacrifice you have all agreed to and for your help in saving such a worthy man. The spirit of his whetstone spoke up then. Our master was a righteous and good man. Never one to forget his duty or his diligence in his affairs. We were all of the same mind and belief. Once you explained what happened to him we all knew what we must do. Your thanks is enough and it will be the greatest honor any of us will have to do what you have proposed. Now enough flattery! Let us begin what is needed to save master immediately. A small roar came forth from the hundreds of tiny spirits as they each affirmed their resolve and their determination to save the Captain. Zhu deeply moved by how much loyalty and love these small gods had for the Captain swore that with their help he will recover. With that Zhu pointed to the small black vortex that now swirled above his heart on the altar. All of you follow me it is time to save this man and your master.

   How long will I float in this hell? Windhyme's soul floated gently in the currents of his being. Shred of most of its ability to feel he was left with the tattered ability to think at best. I know I had something I must do. I can't remember. A sharp pain sot through his frayed soul fragment as he remembered a piece of him being ripped away by a beautiful face of such cold vicious it caused him to freeze. I think I felt agony when that happened. What is agony? Arghh why is it that I can't seem to think straight. There was something i needed to protect. I swore I would what was it. Where am I again? Windhyme fragmented self continued to float on in his consciousness. I think I will just go back to sleep it is so tiring to stay awake. His fragment flickered as his will weakened even more. As his sense of self grew ever weaker a faint voice and light began drawing near his consciousness. Master. Whi is a master what is that? Master. IS there someone here other than me? Is that even possible? Master! Windhymes fragment of consciousness pushed out in a wave trying to find or sense the point of the voice he kept hearing. MASTER! I found you! screamed a small voice filled with an emotion that was familiar but no longer recognized. Why is this light calling me. What do you want? I questioned quickly wary of being hurt even more. The small light flew up to me carrying small shreds of a gray material with it. Master you were always so kind to me. I never thought I would get the chance to ever tell you how much your care of me and use made me proud. You were the best! I hope that what I do now will show master ow much you mean to me and everyone else. fight master and come back! Confused on what this little light meant I was about to ask when with out warning it surged into me. I let out a scream of anguish as it entered me and felt like it melted. I was struck with intense confusion as fragments of memories surged into my consciousness. Is that face mine? I see a face of a man in polished silver drawing a blade across his face removing hair. Another scene flashes of hands cleaning and sharpening the blade I just saw and oiling it once done. That Face again a small smile looking satisfied at the work. Who is that? Master! Again I hear another different voice calling me I turn my attention and another small mote of light is coming towards me. Master please accept me and may my life help restore your memories! Who are you? I ask again but I am struck with intense pain again for a moment before I am flooded with countless memories again. These memories are of warm comfort of shoes? Flashes of fields and rocky outcroppings flash through my mind as does images of a fine rug and a small child shoes then a young woman shoes walking aside me. Why does the voice sound familiar? I strain but cant understand the words said. But a warm feeling envelopes me as I hear it. Flashes to a horses hooves and other scenes flash before me. Was I a man? Did I serve someone? Who was that girl? I feel that is important but I cant remember why. Arh my frustration grows as these memories flood into me. I have lost something important I know it what is it! Hundreds of more lights flooded to me and joined into me melting into me. I remember my name I was, am, Windhyme. I lived in a place called Harkynvhal nad was a warrior. I served a man a Jarl and was a womans personal guard. She is still fuzzy I don't understand why my soul aches when thinking of her and why is it so important? Windhyme. I hear another voice, a man's voice. It is much different from the ones I have been hearing from the lights. A ghostly apparition of a young man appears before me. surrounding him are 5 lights like the others. These small ones will join you now and I believe that you will understand once done. The five lights came at me before i could respond again melting into me. visions of a young woman filter to my consciousness immediately. A tournament I am participating in a Young womans adorable smile as she took a ribbon from her hair and tied it to my arm. Now you can't lose! she says with her radiant smile. Another scene rushes forth where I have a hair brush in my hand and I am brushing her hair. A maid in the room protesting the whole time as the young woman waves her off with a reddened face and bashful smile. I remember now. This young woman is the Princess I am protecting. The one I fought to protect on the parapets of Harkynvhal when the demons attacked us from the air.

   The ghostly man appeared again before me. Remember who you are now? Yes I said. The man smiled. Excellent this is a better result than I ever hoped. You are a very special man for som many small gods to give everything to save you. You were truly worth saving. Now ser there is but one last thing left to do. Rest and when you next regain consciousness it will be waking. I will finish the work the small ones have done already and restore you. Sleep soon you will awaken for real and the nightmare you had will end.

   The sun had risen again and the ritual was still ongoing. Zhu opened his eyes and sighed as he felt immensely drained from the constant attention to the ritual and task at hand. It had been successful. Countless small gods gave themselves to become the memories they had with him to restore the holes of his soul. Zhu was deeply moved as he remembered that even the smallest of gods or mortals can make the difference and all are important to creation. No lesson could have been better learned than by what he saw today. Standing up Zhu then began to direct the essence again to the circle as the outermost layer flared then surged into the layer next to it repeating itself as the arcane energies built to a unstoppable wave as they surged forth into the final layer rising up and then entering into the body of Windhyme at the acupoints as it flowed into him.

  Like water flowing into the cracks of stone the essence poured in between each piece of Windhymes soul that was stitched together as the mortar to seal it all together. Windhyme asleep had no notice of the final portion of the ritual but instead, he had a dream. As he slept his eyes awoke in his dream. Before him hundreds of small gods floated in the air in front of his soul. All of them mere shades from how they appeared before. Who are you all? I asked. Master we were possessions you owned. Each of us the small gods of your razor or shoes. The ribbon the princess gave you. We are all hear. We have given our lives and memories up in order to help restore your soul master. Zhuge did not lie. He promised us if we were illing to do this he could restore you. No greater honor could be bestowed upon us then to know we will live on since you do. Master thank you for all the kindness you always showed us all. For the ones who will come after us please show them the same affection so they can know how amazing master is as well! Master we love yo! Live well. The small ones faded completely from view with the last sentence. Tears fell from my eyes as I realized that hundreds of small spirits that i didn't even know I had affected just died to save me. Even though I did not know of them till just now they all loved me and saved me. I don't even know how to repay them for this. slowly I feel back unconscious. The next time when I awoke the sun was bright overhead I blinked as I came too and looked around. Where am I ? A man's voice came from the left. How are you feeling I am glad you are awake. It seems we were successful. I turned and saw a familiar looking young man standing there. He look vigorous but tired as he asked me and checked my condition. We spoke further before I began to remember and he took me back to Harkynvhal. I feel as if a great gift was given to me and I will do my best to make use of it. Small ones your gift, your sacrifice will not be for naught. Thank you.


Friendship of Mutual Hatred
Forging the Heralds Authority

Thonagra's Spite Forged Anew

   Powerful blasts of heat escaped from the sides of the forge as the sounds of a soft but clear hum and the striking of a hammer rang throughout the air. Nirvana was helping Zhu keep the fire constant as he began to reforge Aurora's, Raikiri's Heralds, promised Javelin to include the captured Thonagra and her power into the weapon. Keep the flame under control Nirvana Zhu said as he kept hammering each muscle taunt as the tempering of the weapon continued. A halo of essence was surrounding the old artifact as he continued to reforge it anew while listening to the ever increasing demands of Thonagra for what she was expecting. You will get exactly what I give you no more no less wretched bitch Zhu said as he hammered away. Nirvana eye widened as she rarely got see see or hear Zhu ever be angry or so rude to another. I will be sure to urge the owner of the artifact you bind me to to taste your hearts blood with it immediately you whoreson of a Fae and Therianthrope! The sound of the hammer rang even louder the next few swing as Zhu anger was added to the swings for a bit. Nirvana had watched her master for over a week now continue to reforge and renew the weapon he was working on while under a constant barrage of curses threat and insults from the being stuck in the Yasal crystal.

   Master ? Nirvana asked, what kind of spirit is trapped in the crystal you have? Zhu replied with it is a god known as a Storm Hag and its name is Thonagra. She used to be the tyrant controlling Thronghar till me and the circle freed the city from her rule. She was heavily wounded in the first fight I had with her and fled after raising a Tsunami wave to drown the city for surrendering to us since she considered them impious for doing so. It was not till later when I found this crystal in the desert did we seek her out again and imprisoned her in the crystal. Chaun'De was actually quite helpful in that endeavor. Now she will be forged into this weapon and serve to help make creation a safer place for mortals as she originally should have done before she strayed from her role.

   Several days later master called me back to his forge. He had drawn and etched numerous runes all over the Javelin he had been working on and it was in the middle of a large circle of weird runes and characters. he had me begin to heat the outer layer of the circle which began to glow as he placed the yellow crystal next to the Javelin in the center. Then he began to chant in a language I didn't understand as he began to weave and move the essence in the air to surge into the circle on the floor. It amplified my flames and immediately the whole circle began to glow and pulse with the flames from my essence I pushed into the circle and controlled the flames. Once the flames reached the center of the circle to the weapon and the crystal a tinging sound occurred as the crystal began to melt and flow towards the Javelin. the melted flow began to be greedily sucked into the Javelin as soon as it touched and less then an hour later it was completely absorbed. The Javelins head took a clearer yellow tint to the Jade and metal alloy. I inadvertently blushed deeply when I looked over to master and saw him wiping sweat off his body shirtless with a smile on his face. e approached towards me which only served to deepen my embarrassment. Nirvana, thank you for all your help the last few weeks in reforging this weapon. Thanks to you it was a great success! I waived my hands quickly and tried to tell him that it was nothing I did but his skill that brought the success. However I found myself losing words when he pulled me close and gave me a warm hug. I think I turned the color of fire Jade as he held me and said. I could not have succeeded without your expert control of flames. This achievement is also yours be proud of your ability. This is one of many tings that will help restore creation and it was completed thanks to you. I closed me eyes while holding master and felt my heart flutter as he praised me and knew his words were not idle flattery and he truly believed them. My happiness overcame my embarrassment and I looked up at master and summoning my courage gave him a quick kiss. I will try to be even ore helpful in the future so please rely on me! I then left his embrace with a deeply red face and left the forge quickly.

  I watched Nirvana leave the forge in a hurry and couldn't help but smile. Such a earnest girl but I think she sometimes forgets her charms. I think I should perhaps forge another weapon to clear my mind. With each swing though all could remember was her adorable face and soft lips as she kissed me out of her excitement. They are all maturing much faster than I anticipated. I think the days of shopping and picnics leaving them all satisfied are running out. shaking my head silence again fell on the area except the for the rhythmic hammering of a hammer on metal.

The Airy Eyrie - Air Manse Restored

Better a Gentle Breeze than Raging Storm

   Zhu Launched another blast of lightning at the tittering air elemental that playfully swooped by making the chimes he was hanging in the trees play a beautiful melody as it swished by. Both me again spirit while I am aligning this and I swear I will bind you to the most unwholesome tasks I can think of! The elemental tittered again as it veered away after sticking out its tongue at Zhu. They are as bad as Shen Li when she wants to be mischievous. The chimes were finished being hung after another 30 minutes. The open air dias built on a column half covered and half open to the sky had the basin filled with water and the seats set in it. To provide shade from the heat and cover from the rain but still leave it open so you can dance in it as well. Spirits do make odd requests sometimes. The chimes were all hung as well each one with a small sorcery on it to play a note as it help direct the essence flows perfectly through the nearly finished manse. Several statues and stones each carved with hollows in them to each play a note were perfect arranged to enhance the wind and direct away the other essences that would disrupt the flow. Not once did the eagle god show himself during this whole ordeal. I bet he sent these elementals every day to torment me as I worked on this. This project would have been completed a week ago if not for their harassment. Zhu grumbled to himself as he was finishing the last bit after weeks of work. While taking a break the Eagle god came out from a cloud in a gliding motion as he gracefully flew and landed on the new dias. I have been watching your work Zhu and you truly are quite skilled in your ability to build manses. It has been almost a millennia since I have seen anyone who does such work with such attention to all the details. You have my praise. As your senior I would like to offer a bit of guidance to you as well. It is unkind to blame others for things you are not sure of. Like elementals teasing you. Zhu reddened a bit in embarrassment and apologized quickly to the Eagle god. A soft screeching laugh came from him as he waived a claw. I am not angry at your thought. I have watched them bother you but did nothing to stop them from teasing you even though i did not send them. I was curious how you act when no one is watching you so I observed. You have a much better character than I assumed. You did not harm a single one though your curses could condemn a family tree for seven generations. Another louder screeching laugh came from the god. Your word is good and your temperament is to my liking.. Most of all you know how to apologize and take responsibility for your mistakes. You and your circle have my trust Zhu. As promised I will join your spirit court and ally with you. I may need to call on your services again in the future. If so please look kindly upon my request. With several quick wing flaps he took to the air disappearing into the clouds in the sky again. In the basin of water in the middle of it a beautiful blue gem, a hearthstone formed. Taking this stone Zhu checked everything once more and satisfied gave a small prayer to the Eagle god and traveled back to his estate. A smile came to his face on the way back as he thought of how good it feels to not only complete another manse but gain another excellent ally.

A deed completed is worth more than 1000 words
Wood Manse Restored

Manse Restored Promise Fulfilled

   The trees walking into place greatly sped up the construction. Finara and Sylvan could never have completed so much of the preparations without the special power their mast Zhu had given them. Fynrhen strode forth as he occasionally would to speak to the twins as the continued on the endeavors Zhu left them to. " What makes you think that Zhuge will be coming soon to complete this Manses restoration?" He Growled. MAster told us he would have the means to finish the manse and keep his promise to you. Just have faith in the master! the twins chimed back. A snort from Fynrhen was heard as he growled back " I will not disparage the chosen of the sun but many times have exalted ones made promises they do not keep. While I have some measure of trust in him as he has kept his words of our agreements it is too soon for me to believe in him as you do. You both would be wise to also keep a critical eye on your master. " The twins had several vines swat at Fynrhen as they shouted back that would never happen. He shook his head a bit and said believe what you will young ones. ut always remember, measure a person by their deeds and never their words. as he slowly stalked away fading back into his domain. Sylvan looked at Finara after Fynrhen left with a frown and puffed cheeks. Master will keep his word he will see. He would never send us here to do so much work for nothing. Finara nodded and they both looked aat the unrolled scroll she took out. They carefully studied the design that Zhu gave them making sure each tree and bush aligned with the dragon lines in the order, size and species that Zhu said to do.

   It was several weeks later as the twins were finally finishing up that a gust of wind blew in revealing their master with a large pile of Green Jade. The twins were delighted Master had come to see the work and even happier when he told them that today was the day he would be on site to help finish the manse and set the demense flows to complete the project they worked so hard on. Even with all of the preparatory work they did it still took 5 weeks more of work to complete the Manses construction. Most of that however was due to Zhu setting the optimum spots for the Jade decorations and pieces to control and flow the essence of the dragon lines to perfection. With a light breeze and a burst of vitality to everyone around the trees and flows bloomed in full near instantly as the last pice of jad was placed. In the base of the ancient oak tree a Hearthstone grew as the Manse was finished. Fynrhen slowly materialized as he stalked out of a copse of trees to the hart of the manse where Zhu and the twins stood. "So you really did come to finish it and do what you said. Today your deeds matched your words and ot for the first time. Now my deeds will match my words. I am ready to ally with you and your peoples. I will join your spirit court and help guard your peoples from harm. It has been many years since I have met an exalt who had the virtue you do. May your deeds always match your words and you will always be welcome here." With the Fynrhen gave a soulful howl which was met in the distance by others one by one as the thanks were given by Fynrhen and his wolf packs. Zhu and the twins bowed and thanks Fynrhen for his words and with that they left to the next project.


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