Sins of the Solar Empire.

Act 2

The Struggles for Unification


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Game 6: – 06/10/2016 – 14th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 11:  The party is still working to get things settled under the new regime in town, and research/reconnoiter their surroundings.  That evening, a ship under duress makes port in town, and shortly after, the town is besieged by sea-monkeys led by a Dis. Aneryxid and Khrovax make an entrance and prove their worth in battle.  Afterwards they all return to the Jarl’s Manor and discuss things, eat, and get some rest.

Game 7: – 06/17/2016 – 15th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 12:  That morning Aneryxid tells them of the evil of the Thronghar Township, and the party decides to investigate it after making some preparations.  They arrive that night and recon the town before entering the next day.  The morning after they arrived, they enter the town under the guise of diplomacy.  They are on their way to meet the Jarl when they notice Shinobi, and he notices them and begins to follow.  Zhu invites Shinobi to speak and contracts him as a guard on the spot.  The party then waits in a nearby tavern for the Jarl to finish his prayers.  Some insults are exchanged and the party is banished from the township.  

Scene 13: Zhu summons up a storm and his stormwind rider and the party goes to do battle with Thronghar.

Game 8: – 07/15/2016 – 15th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 14: The battle raged on, with hundreds troops pouring out other entrances to do execute a pincer attack on them.  Aneryxid held off one force, while Shinobi another, and the rest of the party pushed deeper into the city after killing the champion of Thronghar, so that they could do battle with the storm mother herself.  Over 1000 archers were lined up ready to murder the party, but the party was able to intimidate them enough to lay down their arms.  The storm mother responded with sending a massive tsunami to wipe out of the town.  Raikiri showed up and stopped the tsunami, and the party killed the storm mother.  However, the entire navy escaped with all their men and ships.

Game 9: – 07/22/2016 – 16th -18th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 15: The aftermath of the battle had the party performing burial rites for the dead, and hosting a feast in their honor, and in honor of emancipating the city from the cruel tyranny of the storm mother.  While planning to head out to check on the status of their forest friend back on the island west of palanquin, an outrider arrives from Harkynvhal, entreating the party to join him at their city to discuss business and trade.  Khrovax travels with the outrider, as Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shinobi go to palanquin, while Coras stays to watch over the city.

Scene 16: Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shiobi arrive on the west island of palanquin to find that most of the forest has been decimated, at least half of the island has been completely deforested.  Rycanthus marks a tree, and the eagle messenger comes to find and lead them to their ally, who is now captured, and being tortured.   A small patrol happens upon the party and they manage to take them out quickly before they can alert the others.  Rycanthus then marches towards the camp and calls them out, as Shinobi stands by his side to support him, and Zhu manipulates his way into camp and keeps the other DB busy.  Shinobi and Rycanthus make short work of the army, before the DB commander shows himself and gives them a hard time.  The barely manage to overcome him, at which point the DB Zhu was speaking to absconds.  The party rescues their lunar ally and heads back to the rendezvous point.

Scene 17: The party meets up with the outrider near Harkynvhal and heads into the citadel to meet with Jarl Ma’Grov.  They discuss a trade agreement of the parties food production for the citadel’s information.  After a short tour of their facilities, Zhu surmises that his craft skills aren't up to the task of repairing the citadels structures.  With negotiation and pleasantries completed, the party heads west to Jotunfhan, where the Thronghar fleet is currently preparing to dock at.  

Scene 18:  With Khrovax being a native of Jotunfhan, the party decides to back him up and allow him to proceed with the negotiations with this city.  When they approach the gates, Khrovax discovers his brother is the new Jarl of the city, and considering he was banished from the city, he is sentenced to trial by combat with the city champion to prove his worth and acquit him of any perceived wrong doings.  The battle is rough, but Khrovax eventually prevails and the party heads into and through the city to the docks on the other side to speak with the Throngharians that have made port there.  Andy convinces them to return home and speak to their people and see for themselves that they belong there and should accept their new rulers.  Afterwards, the party returns to the city center to discuss relations with the new Jarl.  Zhu and Khrovax pitch the idea for an allied nation of city-states, but the Jarl declines, in order to force it, Khrovax challenges his brother for the right to rule, to become the new Jarl.

Game 10: – 08/12/2016 – 19th-25th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 19:  The party embarks on the Challenge for Khrovax to become Jarl.  First they find and catch 3000 lbs of bluefin tuna.  Then while scanning for more fish, Rycanthus gets chomped by an orca and almost dragged to his death.  The party jumps in quickly to save him.  The party then skins the orca and uses the meat to fish for more, only to find another orca, which they manage to catch properly this time.  They then put into dock on the 2nd day and get the fish preserved there, and make there way towards the Obsidian Oaks of Ikanthur, but decide its too much for them to bite off right now, and decide to revisit it later.  After leaving port, on the third day, Zhu summons back Horatio, who delivers the coordinates of their prize.  The party catches up to a small group of 3 ships from Iluvar near their peninsula, and decide to attempt to levy a toll.  The Iluvarians refuse to pay and battle ensues.  The party makes VERY short work of them, and is able to win the day with minimal killing.  They bind their prisoners and shove them in the hold and make their way back to Jotunfhan for The Counting.

Game 11: – 09/02/2016 – 26th day of Resplendent Wood – 5th of Descending wood.

Scene 20:  The party returns to Jotunfhan with a solid haul of loot.  As they wait for the return of Khrovax's brother, Shinobi washes up on shore with Khrovax’s brother in tow.  His brother returning with nothing, Khrovax wins the challenge and becomes Jarl.  After a few days, the brother regains consciousness and apologizes to Khrovax for everything and agrees to continue being the defacto ruler in Khrovax's place when he’s not there. Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shinobi go to Fynrhenor with the lunar to aid them.  They make contact with the forest god, and Rycanthus deals with him and proves his worth, and the lunar agrees to act as the go-between for the nation and Fynrhenor.  

Scene 21: Party returns to Harkynvhal and discusses plans to finalize their contract with the city to join the nation.  The Jarl plans a gala for a week later for his daughter’s coming of age party, for her to choose a suitor.  The party arranges for the best and brightest from their various cities to come to the gala to compete for the jarl’s daughter’s affections.  Just as she is introduced, news comes in from the scouts of approaching enemy fleet.  Aneryxid spies a fleet of Dis headed towards Jotunfhan.  The gala is ended early and war council is convened.

Game 12: – 09/30/2016 – 11th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 22:  The party makes preparations for war.  As the units get into position, they decide to make a surprise attack on the behemoth hulk of the Dis.  To enter through the rear and take out a couple of the Dis and roughly 50 blood apes before retreating back out the rear of the vessel and returning home.

Game 13: – 10/07/2016 – 12th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 23:  The naval battle begins!  The party manages to severely cripple one squadron of enemy vessels while suffering some middling losses of their own.  As they do so, however, the party spots a fleet of airborne demons flying towards harkenvhal to lay down an aerial siege.  At this point the party splits, Rycanthus, Khrovax, Aneryxid and head to harkenvhal to defend it, while Shinobi, Coras, and Zhu stand to support the fleet.

Game 14: – 11/??/2016- 12th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 24:  The Defense of harkynvhal proves successful, but with heavy casualties.  The naval fleets square off and the defenders again triumph over the Dis.  Now the party gathers to prepare for its assault on behemoth-flagship.

Game 15: – 12/09/2016- 12th day of Descending Wood.  The party assaults the flagship.  Their fae allies have largely won the day on the ship, but its up to the party to defeat the Dis King and his lieutenants.  After a hard-fought battle, they manage to claim his life and his head.  The war is won, but at what cost?







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