Sins of the Solar Empire.

Conclave of the Circle

The consolidation of the Empire

I sigh heavily as I sink into my seat. Ryx's anger is incredibly justified and i can't disagree with her. But her current emotional state is counter to sound decision making. Not that I blame her. I would most likely be equally distraught at facing the loss she has. It's been a few weeks since the Dis invasion was defeated. Dead are buried scouts have returned or not. The jarls have agreed to found the Sol Empire with Brutus as the Emperor. Tonights meeting though is the first time all of us have met since the battle. Emotions were running high and i feel in retrospect some of my comments of the Sybiferians dead may have been in poor thought. Scouts have been sent out to find the horseman and we have all agreed in the mean time to wait till we hear from them and then decide what to do.

Journal Entry 2 months later.

 The scouts finally returned. so much has happened in the last few months it has been a blur. I have not seen much of my circle mates as we have all been engrossed in improving ourselves and our projects. We have agreed to meet at my manse since several of my circle mates have asked to learn sorcery with Raikiri who has consented to such requests. Thankfully tempers have cooled and emotions have been tempered by time a bit. Our meeting covered much ground this time. In order to remember the numerous topics covered i will summarize them here.

1. The horseman traveled 500-800 miles to raze Sybifer and attack Freyerdawn. Their behavior tis time was most unlike the raiding prior. Both magnitude of the horseman involved and the savagery in which they destroyed everything and slaughtered the people they attacked. Several thousand orseman each attacked Sybifer and Freyerdawn separately.

2. I warned everyone of the Agents of Heaven Raikiri told me of. How they both slaughtered are legacy carriers and stopped our exaltations till recently. I explained how they erased Raikiri and slaughtered his memory.

3. We decided to split into several groups. I will be heading a group to shore up the peninsula and make sure we have no spies in our backs, and Coras and Shinobi will begin to raid shipping lanes to acquire new ships as well as cargo that we can use.

4. We visited the Manse of Harkynvhal and i have begun thanks to Ryx to get a more full grasp on how large the project to fix Harkynvhal will be. Ryx graciously showed us her new manse she has taken control of.

5. We have set goals and objectives for both parties to complete and will keep in communication as well as work to consolidate the Empire and our hold on our territory.

  Much more mundane details like being agents of the Crown appointed by Brutus was discussed as well as everyone meeting Keris and Rune. We also spent several weeks together exploring the peninsula part way while My and Rycathus completed summoning the demons and elementals needed to send with the raiding party. We managed to find a small deposit of Oricalculum and White Jade as well as copper and tin but it was guarded by elementals. Fortunately the Magical materials were extracted without incident and we marked the deposit for future exploitation as our time will better permit.

 I feel we have made a great stride in cooperation as well as our goals in protecting the mortals we have come to rule as well as begin to lay the foundation for the eventual war we will wage against the Ysyr. Time will tell how our efforts will fair.



Sairyck drakor1979

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