Sins of the Solar Empire.

Shinobi's Tale: The Water Runs Red Like That Of A Ruby

Following the battle with the DIS, Shinobi spends the next 3 months surveying the surrounding waters and coastlines of the Dreaming Sea in search of stray enemy vessels that could be looming for a counter attack. 

Running drills with the fleet of ships, Shinobi notices a female shipmate that seemed quite out of the ordinary. Day after day her fiery red hair and strange owl tattoos continue to escape his direct gaze, but he swore she was onboard. Suddenly in almost a blink of an eye, a single huge spiny tentacle darts out of the water and smashes itself onto the hull of the furthest ship in the fleet, crushing it in half. The demolished ships crew are forced to abandon the crushed ship but the spines that jet from the tentacles are wrapping themselves around the crew pulling them underwater. One by one each ship is pulled into the ocean by massive tentacles. Shinobi’s ship is the last to be targeted by the sea monster but just like the others, the ship is crushed under the weight of the giant tentacle. As Shinobi is flung off of the ship a spine from the creature tentacle wraps around him and he is pulled into the ocean to suffer the same fate as rest of the crew. As Shinobi contemplates his final moments of life, he sees the fiery red haired women with the owl tattoos swimming towards him. Before she reaches him, everything goes dark. 

Gasping for air and sweat pouring off his brow Shinobi is awakened by his crew mates yelling at him in a panic. "It was only a dream." he thought. The crew tells him they are right in the middle of a dark magical storm, potentially miles away from the rest of the fleet. This storm is nothing the captain or the crew have ever seen before. Lighting bolts blast down from the sky in the shape of gazelle’s, ocean water floods onto the deck in the shape of caterpillars. The ship is caught in a spiraling whirlpool. Shinobi grabs the steering wheel and starts to lead the ship to safety by following his Owl through the storm. As the owl veers right, Shinobi does the same to avoid the crashing lighting. The Owl leads the boat away from the cursed storm and onto safer waters. 

Finally clearing the dark storm, the ship and crew are lost. The darkness gives way and it seems to be midday, without a star in the sky to navigate them. Storms like these are known to transport vessels anywhere in the dreaming sea and the ship was very low on rations. Shinobi needs to get a bearing on his location or he and the crew might starve to death. In the far horizon, two ships catch his eyes and he makes the call to flank them, even though the odds are high that they are not a part of his fleet. 

Coming up to the ships, Falcon/Beast like men in a flying ship are descending on a small escaping vessel. On the fleeing ship, Shinobi recognize the women with the fiery red hair from his dream. By the time his ship gets into range he notices her ship has been captured by the Beastmen and she is tied up and being held captive on her ship. Reluctantly,  Shiniobi and crew broadside the Beast men's boat, making quick work of the captain and crew, then scaring away the rest. After the battle was won the fleeing Beastmen blew up her boat with only she surviving the blast. After some interrogation, Shinobi’s learns the girl of his dreams name is Ruby and they become “quick” friends. Agreeing to come back to the empire, she and Shinobi decide to test their combat skills against each other, leading to a heated night they both soon won't forget.  After a night of passion, Shinobi’s curse of an owl makes himself known to Ruby. She yell's in a rage " you are one of them aren't you!?!" and she quickly exits the boat in a hurry by casting a whirlwind storm that launches her off of the boat. A confused Shinobi returns to the empire with his fleet, but his heart stolen by the fiery red haired girl of his dreams. 



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