Sins of the Solar Empire.

Survey Report: Dreamfang Peninsula and Bay

Excerpt of Survey Report from the "Complete Survey of Flora, Fauna, Geomancy, and Mineral Resources of the Dreamfang Peninsula and Bay"

Survey report submitted by: Zhuge Liang, Rycathus, Khorvax.

 We have spent the last few weeks completing the final surveys of the peninsula and completed the bay survey as well. We also went in and did a survey for the western shore. The following items of note were located.

 - A demense with a warning of death for those who enter.

 - A forming demense that has the effects of the border marches due to it being a Fae Freehold. Apx. 1000 fae inhabit this area on the western shore of the bay. They have a sea cave entrance into the bay.  – Need to plan to remove this threat from bay

 - A small cave that led to extensive underground cavern system. Had small reptilian creatures that farmed glowing lichen and lived in a massive arcane runed tower. Several of the msall reptilian creatures have been captured for study. Also have large reptile like bat creatures with acid spitting abilities under their control. – Further exploration needed

 - The Village of no Return – An ancient solar worked an amazingly complex geomancy on this area. A village is in the middle of the formation. Upon entering everything feels and looks better. Upon leaving a gut wrenching sorrow strikes you. It makes you wish to return to it strongly. perfect 1st age style architecture and also library is there. (Mundane Subjects only) Highly recommended to avoid this area if you do not wish to stay there permanently.

Side Note – May be good place to banish people.

 - Extremely abundant flora and fauna – The waters just north of Freyrdawn to just south of the ruins of Cybifer contain an unexplained abundance of fish and plants. No Geomantic or sorcerous workings active to explain the unusual fertility. – Further Studies needed

 - Also stopped by Freyrdawn to check in on the Jarl and city post attack and reconstruction. used 2 talents of silver for financial relief for the people, fixed the granary, and sent order for 15 fishing trawlers to be moved to Freyrdawn from the captured ships to replace loses.

 - Stopped and checked in on Rune and Keris work in the rebuilding of Jotenfhan. Excellent work being completed so far. Rebuilt city will have sewer and drainage facilities as well as walls and stone houses and roofs to avoid future fire attacks.


Sairyck drakor1979

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