Sins of the Solar Empire.

The Seige of North Port

Aneryxid (Ryx)Coras Sakar and Shinobi set sail on heavily manned War boat from the peninsula to gain intel and lay siege to the small boot shaped island connected to the archipelago of Palinquin. With summoned Water, Wood and Wind elementals conjured they quickly made haste to their first approaching conquest. The Asir had annexed and enslaved these lands many moons ago and the party was looking to widdle down the Asir’s defenses and plunder much-needed goods due to recently coming out of a war with the DIS.

On the voyage, a battle plan was formed and taken into action. Aneryxid (Ryx) and Coras Sakar were to infiltrate the town at nightfall while Shinobi stayed with the men on the ship about a mile from the docks. Everything was going to plan when an opportunity to cut the head of the snake presented itself to Aneryxid (Ryx) and Coras Sakar. The two solars found themselves stealthily entering the decorated house of the magistrate of North Port while the party’s wasp demons were keeping an eye out for invisible spies. During their investigation, an Asirian soldier reluctantly informs the magistrate of unidentified demon wasps that were spotted in the area. The Magistrate mumbles under his breath " they must be watching me". As the room clears the magistrate looks to an empty part of the room and says " take care of it ".

To prevent further detection Coras Sakar unveils himself and plummets his poisoned tip dagger into the neck of the magistrate leaving him prone and wriggling on the ground trying to catch his breath. Coras Sakar realizes close combat is not his strong suit and decides to dart his way out the door. Suddenly dangerous threats emerge as two Blood Apes materialize from the ether and set their eyes on the fleeing Coras Sakar. "This must be who the magistrate was talk too, " he thinks as his pace quickens. However, Aneryxid (Ryx) is ready for the ambush. She casts her prepared spell and the entire home starts to drip with heavy mists that blankets the area, leaving each unwanted assailant helpless and gasping for air including one of the rushing Blood Apes. The other demon Ape would shortly be convinced to join Aneryxid (Ryx) side of the battle as his master lay dying on the floor. Aneryxid (Ryx) sends a whisper to Shinobi to make landfall with his ship as quickly as possible, the full assault on North Port was now inevitable.

The hidden assault had ended and now the war had begun. The mist and commotion coming from the home had alerted the town’s soldiers, as they spilled into the streets outside of the Magistrate’s residence. In an attempt to frighten the horde of soldiers amassing from the garrison Coras Sakar stood atop a pile of dead and wounded bodies and began taunting the mass of soldiers with little effect while Aneryxid (Ryx) lured unaware soldiers into the deadly mist she had spawned. After giving his boomerang a kiss the solar unleashes his weapons full might to cut down the horde of soldiers, severing the arms, heads, and torsos of the throng in one fatal blow. A hundred ground soldiers lay dead but the battle raged on with a volley of arrows headed straight for the party. Archers atop roofs of buildings started to pursue the party as the solars retreated back to the docks to meet Shinobi

Shinobi sensing the distress of the party leaves the ship about 20 mins from the docks and rides in on a wasp demon to join the solars in battle. As he lands on the docks he immediately readies himself for battle by channeling his essence of the snake that looks as though his body is coiling itself for a deadly striking assault against his foes. The battle continues as Aneryxid (Ryx)Coras Sakar and Shinobi cut down 200 more trained Asirian soldiers. North Port lay still as the three solars hunt and kill any fleeing Asirian soldiers. “No Prisoners” was a motto decided upon before the battle began.

The blood bath over, the townspeople are scared and restless, wanting to flee from the chaos. Coras Sakar unveils himself as a freedom fighter of Palinquin, here to free the people from the bonds of the Asir. As his mask descends from his face the evidence is clear, his blood runs deep with Palinquinian nobility. The elders are convinced. They and their people help the heroes raid the town for books, jewelry, maps, and jade. The raid finished, the town is burnt to the ground leaving little trace of what had happened there. The townspeople board the 5 docked Warships and 24 fishing boats and set sail to the next town on the island as the solars hop on their demon wasps headed to the next battle.

- A recalling of the Seige of North Port by Derek.


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