Sins of the Solar Empire.

Vengance for the Fallen

With our adventures to the West coming to a close for now I felt the need to record all that has happened. Our journey as done in two parts. Since several different horseman tribes attacked us we were forced to deal with them each separately.

  Our first journey took us to the Horselords who ruled the City of Caer Zegrul. This city is ruled by a mighty chieftain woman who rides a rhinoceros which can shoot flames into battle. We were met by several thousand soldiers at the entrance to the city. When we spoke of our desire to speak with the rulers about our grievances we were led through the city to a large wall and what we though was a palace gate. As we entered the doors behind us closed the the escorts scambled on their mounts away behind gates in the walls that quickly shut. then walls separating all of us came from the ground. We were trapped in a coliseum.

  After a brief announcement of how we would meet our demises for their entertainment doors rose and each of us were faced with a dozen of the horsemen on mounts that attacked us. Sadly for them they were all each defeated by us in less than a minute. Wounded and dismounted fleeing from the door they came from.

  The second challenge after sneering remarks from the announcer came out to fight each of us. This challenge was significantly worse. I faced an ox dragon. Khorvax faced a Tyrant Lizard, and Rycathus and snowflake were challenged by a manticore. While each of our battles were brutal and tests of our ability each of us managed to slay our opponents. I decapitated my opponent, Rycathus and snowflake dismembered and slaughtered the manticore, and Khorvax did the most remarkable of fights and with strength alone shattered the jaw and took the head of the tyrant lizard himself. The crowd went nuts no longer were just jeers being said.

  The final challenge was then announced for us. The partitions keeping us apart feel and the largest doors oin the wall swung open. What stepped for was something we could not have anticipated. A chimera from the deep wyld stepped forth. A lion, dragon and goat heads all roared as its body over 10 meters long stepped forth against us. What happened after this was an epic battle as all of us deployed are strongest attacks and weapons abilities against this monstrosity. All of us received wounds as we gave them. In the end with a mighty shout Khorvax nearly bisected the chimera with a blow from Volcano Cutter and dealt the mortal blow. The arena was quiet for a good 30 seconds as no one could believe what they just witnessed. Suddenly as if a spell had ended an eruption of cheers are screams all around us happened. The crowd went berserk at the victory none expected us to gain.  It was then the leader of the city came out with a full defense squadron to speak with us. While holding her position of strength she understood what the three of us could and would do if things were not brought to a much more respectful level.

We were given great honors and rooms in the rulers palace and after a feast, negotiations began. The ruler of this city had sent underlings to raid and they were the ones who destroyed Cybifer. They all said they were just meaning to raid and steal but something came over the men and they grew violent and began destroying everything. This description leads me to believe they were manipulated and that is what caused the rampage. Ultimately We dueled and captured the leaders of the raid and together with their families and possessions they were ordered to return with us. I hope this is enough for Ryx.

After settling things at the city we returned to Thronghar with several talents of silver and a number of goods as well for our country, as well as the families of the defeated commanders. After getting everything settled we next went to the Horsemen who attacked Freyrdawn.

These horseman lived in smaller groups around sacred glades of trees to them. Their symbol is a loin and their elite mounts are lion type cats they ride. For these scattered tribesman we has to track down several groves. In all we attacked and killed all of the men of three groves. We took back much of our stolen goods and took their wagons and possessions as well. We left warnings of retaliation with the women and children of the glades as we took our possessions and returned back to Thronghar again. This trip brought us more weapons and arrows as well as wagons and more horses and even some lion mounts as well. Hopefully the warnings to these tribesman will be enough.


Sairyck Sairyck

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