Chieftain Zaranya

Chieftain of the Zegrul Tribe of Horselords


With highly muscled, yet elegant frame, her beauty is matched only by her strength, but few men dare to court her out of fear that she with break them in half should they disappoint her. She stands just over 7’ tall with long wavy red hair down to her lower back, tho she often keeps it in braids or various buns and such. Her musculature is dense, and sleek, not bulky, lending to her beauteous visage.


Though yet to be witnessed in battle, one could fairly assume that she is a powerful combatant, and by her rank as chieftain and the fear and respect she commands, it is evident that she is a shrewd ruler. By the mount that she rides, it is obvious that her skill with animal husbandry is peerless among mortals. So far in her dealings, she has been fair, but never allowing negotiations to allow her to ever appear weak or at a disadvantage.

Chieftain Zaranya

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