Unfathomable Cthonic Horror

Humanoid Fae with Octopus tentacles from his face


An imposing figure 7 feet in height well built Fae. His face has human features mixed in amongst the tentacles that form the lower half of his face around his mouth. He has been encountered every time dressed in the finery of a true pirate captain complete with his Tricorn hat.


U.C.H. was first encountered when his summoned goblins attacked a caravan the circle was protecting. His minions carried off the caravan workers which lead to a chase by the circle that ended with several of them boarding his ship and a standoff ensued. During this standoff a deal was struck in which the captives would be released in exchange for 150 people to replace them. The circle delivered on their promise however several captives in U.C.H. care died so in compensation a token was granted to the circle member Zhuge Liang.

U.C.H. was summoned with the token several weeks later when Zhuge Liang called him to negotiate his aid in fighting a massive Dis fleet coming towards their lands. After some haggling terms were set oaths were swore and he agreed to help in the battle against the Dis.

He fought with the circle in the Battle Of Shattering Shoals in which the circle and the Navy of the Sol Empire,that they rule and protect, destroyed or captured the Dis fleet attacking their country. U.C.H. was instrumental in the capture of the Behemoth vessel and in the decisive battle that was won. As per the agreement he made with Zhuge he was granted the ownership and control of the Behemoth flagship. He also honors his oath to not attack the nation or its people or possessions.

Unfathomable Cthonic Horror

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