Keris (Airi Liang)

Female Elemental Mining Foreman

Come Keris let me introduce you to the Jarl beckoned Zhuge. Keris timidly stepped out from behind her creator. She instictively reached for and took Zhuge hand as the Jarl and his advisors looked at her. Keris was very beautiful which was only accentuated by her slight shyness as she she bowed politely to the Jarl as Zhuge had taught her. Even while bowing though she did not let go of Zhuge’s hand. As Keris greeted them all silence held the room for a few seconds once she finished. Keris was slightly shorter then Zhuge but she looked as if she was crafted from a dream. Long flowing strands of silver fell half way down her back held in a simple bow. Her face slim and angular highlighted and draws your gaze into her eyes and ruby lips. Her eyes were a deep purple like amethysts. There was not a single curve or shape of her that did not reinforce the stunning gracefulness that is a woman. Even the inlays of copper runes, designs, and small veins of gold shimmering from her smooth granite skin just added to her beauty. Keris was definitely built like a dream and everyone in the room knew who’s dream she was. Jarl Ma’Grov chuckled silently to himself when Zhuge brought in the person who would be helping fix the damage from the assault. He was quite surprised though when a very beautiful young statue or rather woman entered with Zhuge. He caught himself in time but found himself looking at her when he could. Zhuge was a practical man and in no small way a bit of an eccentric sorcerer. Zhuge had definitely outdone himself with this though. He had promised help and he delivered. Not only a capable elemental team but a beautiful one at that. Watching her use Zhuge as a bit of a shield while she grew more accustomed to the room made him think of his own daughter. That brought a small smile to the Jarl.

Keris was the second earth elemental that Zhuge Liang (Andy) made to assist in building the Sol Empire. As the younger of the two “sisters” with Rune (Yue Liang) being slightly older. Keris has a close relationship to Zhuge like Rune and would never do anything to betray him. There are rumors that Keris is Zhuge’s lover, but as with Rune, it would be best to never say such a thing to Keris. While Keris is younger and shy her anger when someone says something she considers rude about Zhuge is terrible. No one has yet to repeat the rumor in earshot of Zhuge and quite a few hope no one ever does.

Keris has become well liked in Harkynvhal after her, Rune, and Zhuge came to assist in the repairs of the damaged citadel.

Keris (Airi Liang)

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