Jarl Ma'Grov

Human Ruler of Harkynvhal


A fit older man with graying hair, athletic build, and missing his left eye. He is a tall and stern ruler but is very practical. He makes deals and decisions for the future with his people in mind.


The Jarl’s previously went by Ma’Grov one-eye before attaining the position, now he simply goes by Jarl or Jarl Ma’Grov. He lost an eye in a sea battle as a younger man, but it doesnt seemed to have slowed down his ambitions even now in his later 40s. He has 2 sons and 1 daughter. The first son, Ku’Lhain, is the commander of his military, and the 2nd, Rhyster, is one of his best wayfarer’s, the group that sends people out to the other cities of the peninsula to solicit business and sell information. However, his daughter, Veylanna, is his most prized possession, and her beauty is legendary. She is rarely allowed to venture out into the general populace, and even then it’s under heavy guard and veiled in secrecy. He is currently a widower, his wife having died in childbirth with Veylanna.

Jarl Ma'Grov

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