Shen Li "She who rises from ashes"

Horse Tribe Child


A small 7 yr old girl with tanned skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair. Missing her front teeth currently giving her a slight lisp when she talks.


Shen Li was found hiding after the home team destroyed a sacred grove encampment of the green horseman tribe. After killing every man, woman, and child there a final search by Rycathus found her hiding in a hollow of a tree. After a bit of a discussion Zhuge Liang took charge of the child. After destroying two more groves as a warning to the horsemen he returned with her to Thronghar. After settling issues there he took her to his manse to be trained and groomed by Raikiri as a possible sorcerer.

During an attack on Raikiri in which assassins tried to kill him Shen Li both broke through to become a sorcerer and also exalted into an air aspect dragonblooded.

Shen Li "She who rises from ashes"

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