Solkhar Hunter of Hunters

Lunar Ally of Rycathus and Zhuge


An imposing figure Solkhar stands a full head in height over most who meet him. Every sinew of his muscular frame reinforces the power and grace of his figure. Commanding in gaze his presence often overpowers those lesser then him into obedience from his presence alone.


An ally of Rycathus Solkhar the Argent Stag Hunter of Hunters was captured by Dragonblooded working for the Ysyr who were deforesting an island by palaquinn in order to build new warships. He was rescued by Rycathus, Zhuge, and Coras and brought back with them to treat and heal his wounds. After he recovered he chose to stay in the Wolves Wood at invitation Fynrhen god of the Hunt to reside in his domain. He lives there still now.

Solkhar Hunter of Hunters

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