Zhuge Liang (Andy)


Zhuge is a short (5’4") Asiatic man with long black hair. While we his not particularly muscular his movement reveals the lithe grace of his frame. He has green eyes and normally dresses in a simple shirt and peasant style pants of good quality when not in his armor.

Armored – a Black Jade and Oricalculum armor of thick plate and lightening design covers Zhuge’s body. An ornate Oricalculum helmet depicting lightening streaking across his brow and cheeks covers his face. A black jade Daiklaive that resembles a katana is wielded by him as well. The blade is covered in runic carvings and flashes of lightening from tip to the hilt.


*Zhuge Liang was born on the Ysyr Continent in the Dreaming Sea. Born to the Zhou people a tributary state and a frontier kingdom of the Ysyr Empire.

*Zhuge’s family still live among the Zhou peoples. He left home around 12 after an incident in which he unknowingly caused insult to a Ysyrian noble who took three young girls as slaves from his home village as payment for the insult. Due to the guilt and inability to save them Zhu left his home.

*It was during his wandering that a feeling pulled him to a hidden ancient ruin and met a spirit that changed his life of grinding misery and slavery, the spirits name was Raikiri Lord of Lightning and Sorcery. Zhu stayed with consent of Raikiri in the ruin. Raikiri taught Zhu many topics and occult lore. It was under his tutelage that Zhu became a sorcerer and exalted as his destiny began to manifest. Zhu began to restore the ruins of the temple which was a manse that had been sacked due to a choice Raikiri made many thousands of years prior. In just a few years as Zhu power began to develop and grow that the ruins were transformed into a beautiful mansion and grounds. While still not the grandeur it was it was much improved. After the restoration was completed and some final lessons were given Raikiri bid Zhu to go out and travel the world. “You always will have this home to return to but go and chase your fate Zhu.” With those words Raikiri gave him the hearthstone of the manse and sent Zhu off to find his destiny.

Zhuge first encountered the solars he would eventually become circlemates with about a year after he left Raikiri. The first ones he met were Rycantus, and Coras. Not long after meeting them Na’Var would join with them and from that Brutus came to join as well.

Zhuge Liang (Andy)

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