Sins of the Solar Empire.

Act 1
The Beginning of an End

<meta />Game 1 – 02/19/2016 – 17th Day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 1: bustling city, business going as usual in western district.  Locals haggling with travelers over goods and services.  A rambunctious lot of children are out playing in the main thoroughfare.  Enter Ythorian, noble of house Ak’Khan and entourage, with blood ape pulling the carriage, accompanied by a dozen guards, half in front, half in back.  Ythorian himself is a potent mortal sorcerer and has 5 combat elementals discorporeated around him.  

       As the entourage proceeds down The street, all of the children makes it out of the way, except one small girl who gets knocked aside violently, hitting her head on the stone, knocking her unconscious.  One of the boys from her group sees this and becomes infuriated and assaults the entourage.  

     Annoyed by the delay and not wanting to miss his next appointment, Ythorian orders the guards to take the boy and restrain him, and to sell him in the slave market later as punishment for his crime.  

      Bleebob witnesses this, Zhu hears the proclamation of the noble and his house, that being the one he hates, Coras Sakar is sitting a goodly ways away but hears the commotion.  Rycanthus is brought to the scene by the unconquered sun.

Battle ensues.  A couple of guards and the blood ape are killed before the elementals make their presence known.  At which point, most of the party withdraws.  Rycanthus unleashes a final fiery arrow, slaying the sorcerer inside his carriage before effecting his escape. The elementals, no longer having a living master to serve, go on about their way.

Scene 2:  The party licks its wounds in a nearby grove moments before Zhu reappears to join them.  they hash out their difference and go through introductions and try to find some common ground, as well as decide what to do next.

Game 2 – 03/11/2016 – 18th Day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 3:  Party wakes up in the grove, Rycanthus will remember a small settlement nearby where hunters sell their skins and meats to merchants who then bring them into the city proper, and ferry boats that take travelers to the western pillar.  A group of 4 blood apes waits in ambush in the trees around the settlement.  The settlement itself looks like it’s in rough shape, with many of the inhabitants hiding in their houses, and those that do enter the streets rush hurriedly.  There is a caravan, looking like its on its way out of town, but it is currently in a state of disrepair and the guards all look scared.  also the caravan appears as though someone searched its entirety rather aggressively.

Scene 4: After the carnage of battle, Na'Varr welcomes them to his caravan.  Bleebob and Coras walk out of town to lead the glowing away from the village.  Rycanthus stayed in town gathering supplies and medicine.  While doing so, hears tales of various goings on around town.  Village elder implores him to investigate a missing caravan.  Aaron agrees and heads out of town with Na'Varr to meet up with Coras and Bleebob.

Scene 5:  The part back together discusses their plans and Rycanthus decides to go investigate the woods and search for the lost caravan.  While out there he encounters the mystical Stag beast and engages it, besting it in combat and gaining a future ally.  Afterwards he finds the tracks of the missing caravan and reports back to the party.  They set up camp at the site of the missing caravan, laying in wait to see if something comes for them as well.  

Game 3 – 04/01/2016 – 19th Day of Ascending wood.

Scene 6:   Zhu arrives back on scene via whirlwind just before nightfall.  After which, around midnight, the caravan camp is attacked by a fae army.  The party obliterates over 1000 goblins assaulting them, but not before they carry off all the mortals and escape to their ship waiting on shore.  

Scene 7: The party tracks them down, Rycanthus and Coras stay on shore while Zhu, Bleebob, Na'Varr board the ship via Zhu's stormwind rider. The party negotiates with the fae in charge to release the mortals.  The fae agrees in exchange for the party’s help in acquiring other mortals to feed from, wanting 5x their number.  The party leads the fae to a military outpost where Bleebob flares his anima to get their attention.  As the fae’s ship strafes the harbor, lighting the Ysyrian fleet aflame, an unknown assailant on shore launches an arrow, killing Bleebob.  The fae ship begins its retreat, as the Ysyrians scramble to put out the fires and launch their fleet to chase them.

Game 4: – 04/29/2016 – 20th day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 8: The 2 smallest ships of the Ysyrian fleet burn to the waterline before they can be put out.  The heavy ship is flame retardant and doesn’t catch. Medium ships suffer some flame dmg but flames are doused before any serious damage occurs.  Remaining 3 ships pursue the fae vessel.  Battle ensues,  Unfathomable Cthonic Horror is “slain” during the fight, and his boat dissipates.  One of the caravan guards below decks exalts as a dawn; his name is Brutus.  Party must reclaim one of the enemy vessels and decide where to go from there. .

Scene 9: The party captures an enemy vessel and takes the boat to the southwestern tip of the island, but just before arriving, UCH reappears and boards their vessel.  Zhu and him negotiate their deal, with UCH requiring 25 more souls.  The party docks at the island port and manages to drug/render unconscious the 25 ysyrian guardsman and bring them to UCH.  The villagers ask to be taken with the party wherever they are going because it will not be safe for them there on the island.

Game 5: – 05/29/2016 – 28th day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 10: Party took the villagers with them and headed west towards the Dreamfang Peninsula, encountering a Dan`Dan along the way.  The managed to kill it and haul its carcass behind the boat til they made landfall at Freyerdawn.  Na'Varr negotiated the sell of the fish and the docking.  Afterwards, the party surveyed the city and started working to overtake it.  Brutus challenged the Jarl to combat for ownership of the town and won, and the party successfully took it over.

Downtime: 2 weeks go by as the party gets settled in the town and spends xp and trains.


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