Sins of the Solar Empire.

Conclave of the Circle
The consolidation of the Empire

I sigh heavily as I sink into my seat. Ryx's anger is incredibly justified and i can't disagree with her. But her current emotional state is counter to sound decision making. Not that I blame her. I would most likely be equally distraught at facing the loss she has. It's been a few weeks since the Dis invasion was defeated. Dead are buried scouts have returned or not. The jarls have agreed to found the Sol Empire with Brutus as the Emperor. Tonights meeting though is the first time all of us have met since the battle. Emotions were running high and i feel in retrospect some of my comments of the Sybiferians dead may have been in poor thought. Scouts have been sent out to find the horseman and we have all agreed in the mean time to wait till we hear from them and then decide what to do.

Journal Entry 2 months later.

 The scouts finally returned. so much has happened in the last few months it has been a blur. I have not seen much of my circle mates as we have all been engrossed in improving ourselves and our projects. We have agreed to meet at my manse since several of my circle mates have asked to learn sorcery with Raikiri who has consented to such requests. Thankfully tempers have cooled and emotions have been tempered by time a bit. Our meeting covered much ground this time. In order to remember the numerous topics covered i will summarize them here.

1. The horseman traveled 500-800 miles to raze Sybifer and attack Freyerdawn. Their behavior tis time was most unlike the raiding prior. Both magnitude of the horseman involved and the savagery in which they destroyed everything and slaughtered the people they attacked. Several thousand orseman each attacked Sybifer and Freyerdawn separately.

2. I warned everyone of the Agents of Heaven Raikiri told me of. How they both slaughtered are legacy carriers and stopped our exaltations till recently. I explained how they erased Raikiri and slaughtered his memory.

3. We decided to split into several groups. I will be heading a group to shore up the peninsula and make sure we have no spies in our backs, and Coras and Shinobi will begin to raid shipping lanes to acquire new ships as well as cargo that we can use.

4. We visited the Manse of Harkynvhal and i have begun thanks to Ryx to get a more full grasp on how large the project to fix Harkynvhal will be. Ryx graciously showed us her new manse she has taken control of.

5. We have set goals and objectives for both parties to complete and will keep in communication as well as work to consolidate the Empire and our hold on our territory.

  Much more mundane details like being agents of the Crown appointed by Brutus was discussed as well as everyone meeting Keris and Rune. We also spent several weeks together exploring the peninsula part way while My and Rycathus completed summoning the demons and elementals needed to send with the raiding party. We managed to find a small deposit of Oricalculum and White Jade as well as copper and tin but it was guarded by elementals. Fortunately the Magical materials were extracted without incident and we marked the deposit for future exploitation as our time will better permit.

 I feel we have made a great stride in cooperation as well as our goals in protecting the mortals we have come to rule as well as begin to lay the foundation for the eventual war we will wage against the Ysyr. Time will tell how our efforts will fair.


Meeting of the Jarls
The founding of the Empire.

I mentally ticked off the list of things left to do as I hurried into the main hall in Thronghar before the meeting of the Jarls. The meeting with Solkhar, Emissary of the Wolf Lord, God of the Hunt, went well but left me with my worries on my brow. It is not an easy thing to ask kings to yield their sovereignty to an Emperor and join together; even harder to demand a god submit as well. Especially when all of them were on bad terms overall to begin with. I shall just have to believe that the results of defeating the Dis together will prove more unifying than the years of raiding they did to each other I mused.

A few last minute flurries of activity around the room setting final preparations for the meeting to have the best chance of success. A great deal of care must be given to the small details for meetings like these. Such as chairs all of the same height, who sits where, and the titles announced as they arrive. From a son of a farmer of a tributary state to the Ysyr to holding a meeting for kings. I have come through strange paths to get here I chuckled to myself. Within a few minutes the final touches were finished, the servants received their final instructions, and now it was time to change and await the soon to be Emperor Brutus and the Jarls for the meeting to determine our future.

With all preparations done, I went to change and to also check on Rune to see how she was fairing getting dressed. She is still so new and young I can't help but worry. I plan on the Jarls meeting her tonight to demonstrate her ability if needed as a selling point. My worries were mostly unfounded as I entered her room. I found Rune mostly dressed, and after few clasps were redone, she was in proper order. I quickly changed as well and then instructed Rune to return to the hall with me, so that we could await the arrival of the Jarls.

Brutus arrived first as planned. Each of the Jarls would arrive soon. The nobles of Thronghar were each given the task of hosting one of the Jarls and their entourage with each of them. Not only did it make it cheaper for us, it gave the nobles a chance to speak to each other and hopefully make more friendly ties. It was good to see Brutus again.  We exchanged short greetings before he claimed his throne and we continued waiting for the Jarls to arrive. The first Jarl was the one from Freyerdawn. Next to arrive was Harkynvhal and Jotenfhan's Jarls. The last was Solkhar with the entourage of the Wolf God. Solkhar brought two massive boars carried by 4 men each as a gift for the feast once our meeting finished. 

I took a deep breath as each of the Jarls and their escorts greeted each other and settled in. Rune sensed my nervousness a bit and a gentle squeeze to my hand and smile encouraged me. I smiled back and with renewed calm and confidence awaited the Jarls to settle for the matter at hand.

"Jarls, thank you for traveling here from your homes. Although the Dis fleet has been defeated and we have had time to bury the dead, assess the damages, and begin repairs. I have asked all of you here today for deciding our future. No city would have withstood the Dis assault alone. No peoples would have survived the tremendous onslaught we were subjected to alone. It was only by each of you joining together and fighting as allies, that we were able to win; even though our victory came at high cost to us. Jotenfhan is in ruins, Harkynvhal was damaged widely as well. Freyerdawn farms were burned and harvest stolen.  The woods of the Wolf god were assaulted and Thronghar was tested as well. Each of our cities were attacked separately by a coordinated enemy. While losses varied between all of the cities you rule, in the end we managed to carry the day. This happened because we all carried the day by working together. I have called this meeting to announce the formation of the Sol Empire with Brutus as the Emperor of this new country. I am asking for each of you to continue the common cause we have moving forward now not as 5 separate people, but as one nation. The cost of not doing this is high. Look to the west and see the charred remains of Sybrefir for what happens to those who would stand alone. The proposition is simple. Each of the Jarls will continue ruling their city. Each of you have the wisdom and governance already in place to have your talents best used in your positions you already hold. Each of you will be on the advisory council to the Emperor. Taxes will be collected locally as well as a new imperial tax to fund common defense and improvements for the peninsula. Imperial law will be written and will be the law followed in the matters it covers. Local law and customs will apply to any situation not covered under the Imperial law. The time has come to not only remember our differences but see our commonality and forge together our strengths. This is my proposition to you all."

The few moments of silence as my words finished were deafening before the Jarls leaned to their escorts they brought and low words were spoken as each deliberated the proposition that was given by me.

The Jarl of Jotenfhan spoke first. "My city is in ruins many of our warriors were slain in the fighting. How do you propose to rebuild the city Zhuge?"

"With stone Jarl. The city will be rebuilt with stone and will have walls and expanded docks for future naval ships and defenses." I replied.

"Where do you think you will get so much stone hmm?" the Jarl continued.

I managed to suppress a slight smirk as I spoke, "Jarl, the stone is all around us; you stand on it. Allow me to demonstrate where the stone will come from." At that I turned to Rune, "My dear please go and retrieve for me a piece of the stone we will rebuild Jotenfhan with. "

A quick "Yes Master" was uttered and she curtsied before silently sinking into the stone floor and disappearing.

I quickly turned back to the Jarls, "Rune is my first creation I have made. She will be rebuilding much of the cities that were damaged and future projects for the Empire. While her looks may seem otherwise, she is quite skilled in building and repairs and her service will be instrumental in building the Empire."

At this time Jarl Ma'Grov of Harkynvhal spoke up. "The people who fled Jotenfhan currently staying within my city. It is not been easy hosting them. When will this project be done so they may go home. I prefer them to not stay any longer then they must."

"Jarl Ma'Grov I with my comrades did not fight so hard defending all of you to have expected such words. Especially in light of the fact these last few weeks the repairs I and Rune have already made to your city to restore the damage the Dis caused." I replied, obviously irritated.

Jarl Ma'Gov leaned back, stopping his words in response to the unexpected and truthful rebuke. The silence was short lived as the Jarl of Jotenfhan and Jarl Ma'Grov began a discussion that started to become heated as first insinuations then outright accusations was beginning. Before things could escalate much further I decided to take action. Slamming my hand into the table I shouted, "Enough!" as lightning discharged around my hand and away from me charging the room from the action. "I will say it again, I did not fight as hard as I did or go through the troubles I have on all of your behalves for you to all act as bickering women! You are Jarls each in charge of your people act with the gravity of your position." Silence fell again on the room. After a few moments I asked them all again, "so Jarls and Emissary, what are your decisions?"

What happened next caught everyone in the room by surprise. The Emissary of the Wolf God stood and radiating the full power of his massive bulk, and no small martial skill said, "I wish to speak. Fenrhinor and the Wolf Lord, after speaking with Zhuge, fully support the proposed alliance and unification of the peoples." With an iron glance as he surveyed each Jarl in the room as he continued, "I would expect surely if even Fenfhinor is willing to support this, see its value ,and truth of the words, none of you would have further objections? As proof of the approval of this, the 8 scouts I have brought with me will help in hunting down the horseman who attacked Freyerdawn and Sybrefir so we might find the cause and what needs done for their attacks. The boars also are a token of goodwill for our feast in what will hopefully become the first of many of us all unified as one."

With that the Emmissary sat back down. The silence was as loud as it was still, each Jarl clearly did not expect to hear the words that were spoken just now. The weight was palpable from the words as each one weighed the proposal in a different light. While each weighed the words spoken, I spoke again to them all. "Jarl of Jotenfhan, Many of your warriors were lost in the battle. Were you aware the Freyerdawn has a patron diety of fertility? It may be greatly to your peoples benefit to travel there and offer prayers and offerings to bless your women and remaining men with virility and fertility to help in bringing the next generation of your people to pass.

It was at this moment that Rune slowly rose again from the floor carrying a perfectly cut brick of marble. She smiled and said, "Master", as she handed me the prize. I smiled back to her as I took the brick and slid it to the Jarl of Jotenfhan.

"This is a sample of the stone that will be used to rebuild your city.

It was then that the Jarl of Freyerdawn spoke, addressing the Jarl of Jotenfhan, "If your people would decide to travel to our city we would be willing to offer them home and a chance to beseech our goddess as well. You can stay with us while your city is rebuilt. Freyerdawn sees the wisdom of the words of Zhuge and we agree to the unification."

The Jarl of Jotenfhan grunted but then spoke up. "Thank you Jarl, with the offer you made we will take you up on it. Your goddess may be a big help to my peoples and the extra space would be welcome. It will also best serve Harkynvhal as well. Jotenfhan agrees to this unification as well."

Jarl Ma'Grov brow was furrowed as he listened and still weighed everything." While we are happy to see that you will have another place to stay Jarl of Jotenfhan we will offer our support to your people to help restore your city as soon as we can so that you may return to being good neighbors to us going forward. In light of Fenrhinor agreeing and so strongly supporting this and the rest of you as well, Harkynvhal also agrees to the unification. "

With that the final city had committed. Brutus who had been playing his sanxian with a beautiful and soothing melody stopped and set it aside his throne. He then stood and loudly clapped his hands and said, "It is finished and with this we are all now one peoples. With this we shall now fest to celebrate!"

The relief and joy rushed through me like I had been holding my breath. The Jarl of Freyerdawn leaned towards me and said. "I do not know how you have done this Zhuge. You have taken 5 enemies and unified them. Even I am aiding those who raided my city regularly to recover and to regain their strength. You continue to surprise and intrigue me Zhuge."

At that I smiled and bowed slightly as I said, "Jarl you flatter me way more than necessary. I provided the opportunity, it was all of you who have seized the future for your people today. I will be here to support it. "

With that I withdrew away from the Jarls to make sure the feast preparations were going smoothly and to give them time to speak privately. Rune was like a child with surprise and excitement, "Master you did it! You got them all to be friends! "

Well Rune I think friendship is a ways off for them all but they are definitely on the path to the future of protecting their people and making them prosper. Let us enjoy the moment and the food Rune, today is a day to celebrate. Today we are an Empire unified; E. Pluribus Unum. "

Rune lit up at hearing the old realm as she exclaimed "from the many, one." Today you have made this true Master.

I smiled as we reached the chambers," now let us get you into an appropriate outfit to feast and celebrate Rune, today is truly a wonderful one."

Act 2
The Struggles for Unification


<meta />

Game 6: – 06/10/2016 – 14th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 11:  The party is still working to get things settled under the new regime in town, and research/reconnoiter their surroundings.  That evening, a ship under duress makes port in town, and shortly after, the town is besieged by sea-monkeys led by a Dis. Aneryxid and Khrovax make an entrance and prove their worth in battle.  Afterwards they all return to the Jarl’s Manor and discuss things, eat, and get some rest.

Game 7: – 06/17/2016 – 15th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 12:  That morning Aneryxid tells them of the evil of the Thronghar Township, and the party decides to investigate it after making some preparations.  They arrive that night and recon the town before entering the next day.  The morning after they arrived, they enter the town under the guise of diplomacy.  They are on their way to meet the Jarl when they notice Shinobi, and he notices them and begins to follow.  Zhu invites Shinobi to speak and contracts him as a guard on the spot.  The party then waits in a nearby tavern for the Jarl to finish his prayers.  Some insults are exchanged and the party is banished from the township.  

Scene 13: Zhu summons up a storm and his stormwind rider and the party goes to do battle with Thronghar.

Game 8: – 07/15/2016 – 15th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 14: The battle raged on, with hundreds troops pouring out other entrances to do execute a pincer attack on them.  Aneryxid held off one force, while Shinobi another, and the rest of the party pushed deeper into the city after killing the champion of Thronghar, so that they could do battle with the storm mother herself.  Over 1000 archers were lined up ready to murder the party, but the party was able to intimidate them enough to lay down their arms.  The storm mother responded with sending a massive tsunami to wipe out of the town.  Raikiri showed up and stopped the tsunami, and the party killed the storm mother.  However, the entire navy escaped with all their men and ships.

Game 9: – 07/22/2016 – 16th -18th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 15: The aftermath of the battle had the party performing burial rites for the dead, and hosting a feast in their honor, and in honor of emancipating the city from the cruel tyranny of the storm mother.  While planning to head out to check on the status of their forest friend back on the island west of palanquin, an outrider arrives from Harkynvhal, entreating the party to join him at their city to discuss business and trade.  Khrovax travels with the outrider, as Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shinobi go to palanquin, while Coras stays to watch over the city.

Scene 16: Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shiobi arrive on the west island of palanquin to find that most of the forest has been decimated, at least half of the island has been completely deforested.  Rycanthus marks a tree, and the eagle messenger comes to find and lead them to their ally, who is now captured, and being tortured.   A small patrol happens upon the party and they manage to take them out quickly before they can alert the others.  Rycanthus then marches towards the camp and calls them out, as Shinobi stands by his side to support him, and Zhu manipulates his way into camp and keeps the other DB busy.  Shinobi and Rycanthus make short work of the army, before the DB commander shows himself and gives them a hard time.  The barely manage to overcome him, at which point the DB Zhu was speaking to absconds.  The party rescues their lunar ally and heads back to the rendezvous point.

Scene 17: The party meets up with the outrider near Harkynvhal and heads into the citadel to meet with Jarl Ma’Grov.  They discuss a trade agreement of the parties food production for the citadel’s information.  After a short tour of their facilities, Zhu surmises that his craft skills aren't up to the task of repairing the citadels structures.  With negotiation and pleasantries completed, the party heads west to Jotunfhan, where the Thronghar fleet is currently preparing to dock at.  

Scene 18:  With Khrovax being a native of Jotunfhan, the party decides to back him up and allow him to proceed with the negotiations with this city.  When they approach the gates, Khrovax discovers his brother is the new Jarl of the city, and considering he was banished from the city, he is sentenced to trial by combat with the city champion to prove his worth and acquit him of any perceived wrong doings.  The battle is rough, but Khrovax eventually prevails and the party heads into and through the city to the docks on the other side to speak with the Throngharians that have made port there.  Andy convinces them to return home and speak to their people and see for themselves that they belong there and should accept their new rulers.  Afterwards, the party returns to the city center to discuss relations with the new Jarl.  Zhu and Khrovax pitch the idea for an allied nation of city-states, but the Jarl declines, in order to force it, Khrovax challenges his brother for the right to rule, to become the new Jarl.

Game 10: – 08/12/2016 – 19th-25th day of Resplendent Wood.

Scene 19:  The party embarks on the Challenge for Khrovax to become Jarl.  First they find and catch 3000 lbs of bluefin tuna.  Then while scanning for more fish, Rycanthus gets chomped by an orca and almost dragged to his death.  The party jumps in quickly to save him.  The party then skins the orca and uses the meat to fish for more, only to find another orca, which they manage to catch properly this time.  They then put into dock on the 2nd day and get the fish preserved there, and make there way towards the Obsidian Oaks of Ikanthur, but decide its too much for them to bite off right now, and decide to revisit it later.  After leaving port, on the third day, Zhu summons back Horatio, who delivers the coordinates of their prize.  The party catches up to a small group of 3 ships from Iluvar near their peninsula, and decide to attempt to levy a toll.  The Iluvarians refuse to pay and battle ensues.  The party makes VERY short work of them, and is able to win the day with minimal killing.  They bind their prisoners and shove them in the hold and make their way back to Jotunfhan for The Counting.

Game 11: – 09/02/2016 – 26th day of Resplendent Wood – 5th of Descending wood.

Scene 20:  The party returns to Jotunfhan with a solid haul of loot.  As they wait for the return of Khrovax's brother, Shinobi washes up on shore with Khrovax’s brother in tow.  His brother returning with nothing, Khrovax wins the challenge and becomes Jarl.  After a few days, the brother regains consciousness and apologizes to Khrovax for everything and agrees to continue being the defacto ruler in Khrovax's place when he’s not there. Zhu, Rycanthus, and Shinobi go to Fynrhenor with the lunar to aid them.  They make contact with the forest god, and Rycanthus deals with him and proves his worth, and the lunar agrees to act as the go-between for the nation and Fynrhenor.  

Scene 21: Party returns to Harkynvhal and discusses plans to finalize their contract with the city to join the nation.  The Jarl plans a gala for a week later for his daughter’s coming of age party, for her to choose a suitor.  The party arranges for the best and brightest from their various cities to come to the gala to compete for the jarl’s daughter’s affections.  Just as she is introduced, news comes in from the scouts of approaching enemy fleet.  Aneryxid spies a fleet of Dis headed towards Jotunfhan.  The gala is ended early and war council is convened.

Game 12: – 09/30/2016 – 11th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 22:  The party makes preparations for war.  As the units get into position, they decide to make a surprise attack on the behemoth hulk of the Dis.  To enter through the rear and take out a couple of the Dis and roughly 50 blood apes before retreating back out the rear of the vessel and returning home.

Game 13: – 10/07/2016 – 12th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 23:  The naval battle begins!  The party manages to severely cripple one squadron of enemy vessels while suffering some middling losses of their own.  As they do so, however, the party spots a fleet of airborne demons flying towards harkenvhal to lay down an aerial siege.  At this point the party splits, Rycanthus, Khrovax, Aneryxid and head to harkenvhal to defend it, while Shinobi, Coras, and Zhu stand to support the fleet.

Game 14: – 11/??/2016- 12th day of Descending Wood.

Scene 24:  The Defense of harkynvhal proves successful, but with heavy casualties.  The naval fleets square off and the defenders again triumph over the Dis.  Now the party gathers to prepare for its assault on behemoth-flagship.

Game 15: – 12/09/2016- 12th day of Descending Wood.  The party assaults the flagship.  Their fae allies have largely won the day on the ship, but its up to the party to defeat the Dis King and his lieutenants.  After a hard-fought battle, they manage to claim his life and his head.  The war is won, but at what cost?






Act 1
The Beginning of an End

<meta />Game 1 – 02/19/2016 – 17th Day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 1: bustling city, business going as usual in western district.  Locals haggling with travelers over goods and services.  A rambunctious lot of children are out playing in the main thoroughfare.  Enter Ythorian, noble of house Ak’Khan and entourage, with blood ape pulling the carriage, accompanied by a dozen guards, half in front, half in back.  Ythorian himself is a potent mortal sorcerer and has 5 combat elementals discorporeated around him.  

       As the entourage proceeds down The street, all of the children makes it out of the way, except one small girl who gets knocked aside violently, hitting her head on the stone, knocking her unconscious.  One of the boys from her group sees this and becomes infuriated and assaults the entourage.  

     Annoyed by the delay and not wanting to miss his next appointment, Ythorian orders the guards to take the boy and restrain him, and to sell him in the slave market later as punishment for his crime.  

      Bleebob witnesses this, Zhu hears the proclamation of the noble and his house, that being the one he hates, Coras Sakar is sitting a goodly ways away but hears the commotion.  Rycanthus is brought to the scene by the unconquered sun.

Battle ensues.  A couple of guards and the blood ape are killed before the elementals make their presence known.  At which point, most of the party withdraws.  Rycanthus unleashes a final fiery arrow, slaying the sorcerer inside his carriage before effecting his escape. The elementals, no longer having a living master to serve, go on about their way.

Scene 2:  The party licks its wounds in a nearby grove moments before Zhu reappears to join them.  they hash out their difference and go through introductions and try to find some common ground, as well as decide what to do next.

Game 2 – 03/11/2016 – 18th Day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 3:  Party wakes up in the grove, Rycanthus will remember a small settlement nearby where hunters sell their skins and meats to merchants who then bring them into the city proper, and ferry boats that take travelers to the western pillar.  A group of 4 blood apes waits in ambush in the trees around the settlement.  The settlement itself looks like it’s in rough shape, with many of the inhabitants hiding in their houses, and those that do enter the streets rush hurriedly.  There is a caravan, looking like its on its way out of town, but it is currently in a state of disrepair and the guards all look scared.  also the caravan appears as though someone searched its entirety rather aggressively.

Scene 4: After the carnage of battle, Na'Varr welcomes them to his caravan.  Bleebob and Coras walk out of town to lead the glowing away from the village.  Rycanthus stayed in town gathering supplies and medicine.  While doing so, hears tales of various goings on around town.  Village elder implores him to investigate a missing caravan.  Aaron agrees and heads out of town with Na'Varr to meet up with Coras and Bleebob.

Scene 5:  The part back together discusses their plans and Rycanthus decides to go investigate the woods and search for the lost caravan.  While out there he encounters the mystical Stag beast and engages it, besting it in combat and gaining a future ally.  Afterwards he finds the tracks of the missing caravan and reports back to the party.  They set up camp at the site of the missing caravan, laying in wait to see if something comes for them as well.  

Game 3 – 04/01/2016 – 19th Day of Ascending wood.

Scene 6:   Zhu arrives back on scene via whirlwind just before nightfall.  After which, around midnight, the caravan camp is attacked by a fae army.  The party obliterates over 1000 goblins assaulting them, but not before they carry off all the mortals and escape to their ship waiting on shore.  

Scene 7: The party tracks them down, Rycanthus and Coras stay on shore while Zhu, Bleebob, Na'Varr board the ship via Zhu's stormwind rider. The party negotiates with the fae in charge to release the mortals.  The fae agrees in exchange for the party’s help in acquiring other mortals to feed from, wanting 5x their number.  The party leads the fae to a military outpost where Bleebob flares his anima to get their attention.  As the fae’s ship strafes the harbor, lighting the Ysyrian fleet aflame, an unknown assailant on shore launches an arrow, killing Bleebob.  The fae ship begins its retreat, as the Ysyrians scramble to put out the fires and launch their fleet to chase them.

Game 4: – 04/29/2016 – 20th day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 8: The 2 smallest ships of the Ysyrian fleet burn to the waterline before they can be put out.  The heavy ship is flame retardant and doesn’t catch. Medium ships suffer some flame dmg but flames are doused before any serious damage occurs.  Remaining 3 ships pursue the fae vessel.  Battle ensues,  Unfathomable Cthonic Horror is “slain” during the fight, and his boat dissipates.  One of the caravan guards below decks exalts as a dawn; his name is Brutus.  Party must reclaim one of the enemy vessels and decide where to go from there. .

Scene 9: The party captures an enemy vessel and takes the boat to the southwestern tip of the island, but just before arriving, UCH reappears and boards their vessel.  Zhu and him negotiate their deal, with UCH requiring 25 more souls.  The party docks at the island port and manages to drug/render unconscious the 25 ysyrian guardsman and bring them to UCH.  The villagers ask to be taken with the party wherever they are going because it will not be safe for them there on the island.

Game 5: – 05/29/2016 – 28th day of Ascending Wood.

Scene 10: Party took the villagers with them and headed west towards the Dreamfang Peninsula, encountering a Dan`Dan along the way.  The managed to kill it and haul its carcass behind the boat til they made landfall at Freyerdawn.  Na'Varr negotiated the sell of the fish and the docking.  Afterwards, the party surveyed the city and started working to overtake it.  Brutus challenged the Jarl to combat for ownership of the town and won, and the party successfully took it over.

Downtime: 2 weeks go by as the party gets settled in the town and spends xp and trains.


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