Sins of the Solar Empire.

Setting the House in Order - Freyrdawn's Cleansing

  The morning's light had just begun to light the sky but there were already people gathering in the town square. Just a few days ago Ambassador Zhuge Liang had given a speech after his attempted assassination by the Evil Fjornyn. Peoples breaths were faintly seen as they began speculating why they were all urged to show up again since Ambassador Zhuge was going to address them all again. Not long after the sky brightened a procession of guards and Ambassador Zhuge and another person was led to the stage in town square.

  Ambassador Zhuge's voice loud and clearly rang out. Silence fell like a plague on the gathered crowds as the began to listen again to him. Citizen's of the Sol Empire! I come before you all again due to a grave and treasonous actions that were uncovered. Another of your noble houses was found doing crimes that were heavier than trying to kill me. A man is pushed forward with his hands tied. He was the noble Fjornyn Frenmor He looked sullen and heavy in mood. Everyone looked at him as he was nudged forward and began to speak. People of Freyrdawn, I have colluded with demons amongst you. I have taken my wives and daughters born to me, as well as servant girls and some who would not be missed and sacrificed their flesh to strengthen my House and make sure my sons were birthed safely. I have killed many of my people I have sworn to protect and with a heart of malice and deceit have smiled upon you all while taking your wives, daughters, and sisters and given them to the demons I summoned as sustenance to slake their lusts and hungers. I have done all of these things for years and hidden this from you all and my family as well. Acting in concert with my demon allies I have planned to sacrifice you all eventually to pave the way for me to not only become powerful but to eventually rule over the whole of the empire and creation. Sadly however I was foiled in my plans before they were able to be completed by Ambassador Zhuge Liang and Chian De. I do not know how they found out about my plans but they disgustingly broke through my wards and concealment and slaughtered the growing army of demons I had hidden to enact my plans. No my plans are ash and my house is  to be ruined due to them. Fjornyn looks towards both Zhuge and Chian De with sorrow and contempt. I will not ask for your forgiveness of you all for you are all beneath me and you are worthless so your opinions do not matter. However I wish to declare that these doings were done by me. I slew your daughters, I killed your wives, I gave your daughters to be raped and eaten by the demons not my family. So with this turn your hateful gazes to me let your sorrow and rage out and know that I truly look down upon you all. The guards quickly marched forth and dragged him off the stage promptly as the silence broke like a dam. The outpouring of rage and grief from the crowd nearly formed a visible wave as the cries and screams of hatred surged forth as a thunderous roar from the city.

  Ambassador Zhuge stood forth and raised his hands for silence on the stage as he strode forth. Even with the deep respect many had for him it took 5 minutes for the hearts of the people to restrain themselves enough so they could hear him speak. People of the Empire, I have heard your grief. The things I saw myself when I uncovered this plot and his lair still pain my heart and haunt my thoughts. His demons were many and their plans were born of the blackest and vile of thoughts. He has grieved this city and all of us deeply with his deeds. We gave you a promise that when we formed the Empire and your city joined we would protect you. We would defend against the enemies seen and not. The last few days we found enemies more treacherous than the Dis. More cruel then the horselords who struck. We found ourselves, as our own enemy. In the last few days we have rooted out an assassin and a demon summoner. They were not the refugees who have settled here. They did not come from Jotenfhan or Thronghar. They were Freyrdawnians. They were your Lords, neighbors to some. They paid wages and in some cases presided over weddings and births. These people were of you. I say this not to worry you all today that this city will pay for the sins of these individuals, but to remind you all that it does not take a newcomer or a refugee to be evil anyone can do it. Look not with disdain or with ridicule upon those who have settled in our cities since the Empire was founded.  They too are citizens of the Empire. They will laugh and cry share joys and sorrow with you all. Today the heart of evil was cut out from your city. I look to you all going forward, do not let it grow again. Stay strong of valiant hearts, and dedicated minds. Remember the oaths you have given and never let the horror that was uncovered last night and brought to the day today occur again. As I have responsibilities for my words to you all, you also must keep your oaths to Emperor Brutus and to me as well. Our strength is in Unity. Our Strength is in Purpose. Our unity is our loyalty. We shall all grieve the losses from this horror together but we will also all together forge ourselves anew as not only the people of Freyrdawn, but as the citizens of the Sol Empire! May the Unconquered Suns blessing and light shine upon us all and illuminate our hearts and minds so that never again with a darkness like Fjornyn grow and fester in our city.

  The moment of silence lasted but moments before the eruption of the crowd shook the plaza. It was said the guardians of the gates of Yu Shan heard the roar of the people that day. Long Live the Empire! Long Live Zhuge! Unity through Loyalty is our Strength! May the Sol Empire never Fall! Zhuge shouted and cheered with the people till they began to calm. Afterwards a memorial in the city as built to commemorate the lives lost to this plot and to remember the price of not being vigilant was our children, wives, and family.

  Afterwards Zhuge went with Chian De then in her Monk persona to deal with Fjornyn. Zhuge looked at Fjornyn with a smile. You my good sir will be given an amazing opportunity. You house will be disbanded all your wealth and power will be divided amongst those who are trustworthy in this city. You however since you gave the truth of your actions I will not execute you as promised. You will be a gardener in one of my private gardens. You will be in charge of caring for the garden. You will need to feed a goat a day to my plant Seymour. You must be careful though as he can be quite aggressive when he is hungry. Zhuge gave Fjornyn a brilliant smile as he led him to his new job and home in the garden.

Beginnings of Allegiance

 The skald lightly strummed his sitar as the crowded inn began to quiet down. As he gently played a light tune, his voice rang out and began to tell the tale of the fall of Phostal Iverzech and his attempt to kill Ambassador Zhuge Liang cherished hero of the people.

 Black was the heart of Phostal, as a Lord of Freyrdawn. Working his people and servants harder then anyone else for half the benefits. Not few were the people who broke or died under his lash. It would probably still be this way if it wasn't for the arrival of the Exalted ones. Initially Phostal hid his vile nature well and with numerous threats the exalted ones, did not notice his deeds at first. It was not until the raid of the horselords that killed many people and burned our crops did Zhuge Liang come and personally see his deeds. Zhuge was a firm but kind man and the suffering we endured was lessened by his deeds as we struggled in the aftermath of the raid.  It was then Zhuge noticed the people who worked under Phostal on his lands and ship were treated cruelly.  Zhuge rebuked him and refused to give him aid for his deeds. As a lesson he did not punish him further but many of his people left and went to work for others. Phostal hatred for his rebuke grew against Zhuge. Even though he helped save us and got justice for our people Phostal's hatred seeped further into his bones. This was the first day he began to plot to end Zhuge Liangs life.

 For six more months he seeped and wallowed in his hatred instead of improving himself and seeking to become better. To become worthy of praise not scorn. However Phostal poisoned his soul and hardened his heart. Against such a virtuous ruler he plotted to lure Zhuge Liang to his home get him drunk and attempt to kill him.  He waited until the exalted ones came to visit Freyrdawn again. They threw a banquet to honor and speak with the Lords of the city. Phostal was cunning but he bathed too deep in his hatred and eventually left the party early after he was given an offer in private to reconcile and show he had learned how to be a better ruler. He said harsh words and abruptly left the party. Once Zhuge was informed he rushed out as soon as the formalities ended. Bringing excellent wines with him he went to Phostal's home to see him. He was led into Phostal's study where Zhuge Liang began a discussion with him to see why he was vexed so to leave such a joyous party. Phostal  feigned ignorance and began to share cups of wine with Zhuge that he brought. After one bottle was finished as Zhuge began opening a second bottle Phostal  Struck! He used Thick Vile barbed silver hooks longer than a man's hand and struck Zhuge in the back! Shocked Zhuge tried to turn to See what happened and Phostal struck again another hook was swung with an even crueler strength slamming it into Zhuge Liang's chest perilously close to his heart. The steward of the house hearing the commotion came in and was shocked at the scene. Phostal  snarled for him to help but the servant rushed him instead. A savage swing to the leg caused the steward to fall and the second punctured his skull and ended his life of the brave and loyal servant. Phostal  you have done something that can not be undone! What grievance do you have to so savagely attack me and kill your servant. Although in great pain from the surprise attacks Zhuge Liang was ready now. A short scuffle later a third hook was lodged into Zhuge Liangs side but he was able to fire the Divine Lightning of Raikiri into him and took his life in turn. Having lost much blood and having Phostal's body fall on him from this death lunge thet collapsed on the floor together. His compatraits saved him and made sure the wife of Phostal was not harmed and safe.

The greatest part of the story however was the next day bringing the head of the assassin Zhuge Liang heavily wounded proudly stood on stage in the town square and gathered the people together. His words that day still resound in the souls of all those who heard it. Let me tell you now of his words.

 Fellow citizens of the Sol Empire. I come before you in this sorry state in great shame and sorrow. Last night I was reminded of how lacking in capability I am in helping rule the Sol Empire. Lord Phostal  attempted to assassinate me last night as I went to try to ease a grievance in his heart. While three silver hooks of cruel design have wounded me his treachery and hatred scarred my soul. I come today to ask forgiveness from you all for being a ruler that is so poor that even his own people would raise their hands to kill him. I know I am inadequate, which is why I have strived to do great things and small things to make all of your lives better.

 We stopped the Dis together, We defeated the horselords, rebuilt from the razed fields, built and are building new cities and homes for all, brought food, medicine, clean waters, removal of sewage, increased trade, Built the powerful southern wall, and so many other things together. We have broke bread and drank wine, shared in our sorrows and victories together. I believe this is what good and righteous rulers do. I have not suppressed your gods nor have we forced any upon any of you.

 I mention all of these things to you today, for as I have said, we share our joys and sorrows together. People of Freyrdawn today my soul is wounded, heart broken, and flesh cut. Today we lost two people one brave and served, the other a Lord who let a lesson consume him into hate. For not catching his rot early I apologize. I do not know how many of you may have suffered from him but the fact that he did so under our rule is deplorable. I ask today for you to forgive me and pledge together with me that we shall forge ourselves anew. We shall set our sights higher, our morals clearer, our laws in iron, and our resolution to be inviolate. Today I ask you to work with me to make Freyrdawn greater that it is today and a legend that the future generations will speak of in revered tones. Lord Phostal's death will not be in vain nor will the brave servant who fought him. Stand now with me for the glory of Freyrdawn and the Sol Empire let us purge our past grievances and together forge a legacy so powerful the gods sigh in admiration, the fae quake on the edges of reality, and the forces that seek to oppress cower before our might!  For you all I pledge to give you my all! Long live Freyrdawn may she stand eternal and may the blessing of the Unconquered Sun shine upon our empire from now till the end of days!

 With a grimace of pain he raised his right arm as he shouted this to the heavens. I believe truly that day Yu Shan itself trembled from the mighty cries of the citizens as they pledged again their loyalty and resolve to forge the legacy Zhuge Liang spoke of.

Entry 27 - Travel Journal of Zhuge Liang
Exploration notes of the Restless Dreams Bay and Dreaming Sea around the empire.

Today me Rycathus and a small team of various elementals continued to survey the seas surrounding us. The following summaries of places of note are mentioned below.

1. A small island under an enormous magical working. Most likely a solar level working as it is of a power I have never seen beofre and truly believe would not be easily replicateable by anyone other than one of my fellow exalts.

2. Rich fishing areas around Fynrenhor

3. A witch that lives south of the wall from Thronghar. Allied with the storm hags.

4. Rich kelp forests not far from Jotunfhan.

5. A mysterious small crop of trees that are fully adapted to living underwater. The seeds make a large pure salt deposit around them. If seed comes in contact with air it dies rapidly. Tree has effect of lowering salinity in water area they are planted in. Wood from the tree is hydrophobic and hyper buoyant as well as hard as iron.

6. A small island that is an air demense that is the lair of Thonagra. – Follow up to exterminate this bitch needed.

7. A wood Demense defended by many strangle vines.

8. An extremely dangerous warping in the geomancy under the sea. Not far from Fynrenhor and Thronghar. It would flood half peninsula if it winds up exploding.

9. A cloaked island that floats in the sky. Winged people live there. – Follow up on detailed search will occur expand to new entry once done. I am excited at what may be on this odd place!



Entry 32 Travel Journal of Zhuge Liang - Avandal The City Hidden in the Clouds

The investigation of the cloaked floating island anomaly has been resolved. This is actually a hidden race of winged peoples who look very close to us that live on the island. The speak a skytongue derivative I am unable to understand but fortunately their elders spoke old realm so I was able to speak with them. The city is protected by an extremely fierce wind funnel that violently flings those who get to close away often at the cost of their lives. Using the blessings of Raikiri I was able to break the veil around the island and see it with my own eyes. I also led to a massive barrage of ballista bolts being showered towards me. One grazed me causing a light wound but I was able to deflect and dodge the rest.  They were a bit hostile and extremely guarded in words and actions.

  Rycathus was able to learn tat despite the hosts showing great levels of knowledge higher than any cultures we met prior they were in dire straights. Short on food stuffs and their islands energy was depleting quickly. While we were initially rebuffed multiple times the elder we first spoke to finally agreed to let us help after his daughter interceded on our behalf.  We ultimately used a sorcerous working to drain the demense that Thonagra ruled before we defeated her to recharge the manse of the island to give it more energy and time to do needed repairs.

  The government of these people is a rule of elders and they seem to rule by general consent of the masses as a whole. Quite curious. The elder that received us ultimately thanks again to his daughter, became the head of their elders council after their deeds of blocking us from helping came to light. All in all we gained a good trading partner and maybe even friends in the future.

Side Note – These people carry first age knowledge of medicine, ship building (Skyships), Materials, as well as lore and other subjects. Their wine is their primary trading item and is extremely good. we must make efforts to increase our friendship with them as they could be a huge help in raising the level of livelyhood of our empire.

Entry 28 Thonagra's Lair - Travel Journals of Zhuge Liang

Thanks to a reluctant witch that Rycathus found on the coast we were able to locate Thonagra's Lair. a small island off the coast a fair ways, it is an air demense surrounded by storms and weather she controls.

  We embarked on a smaller but sturdy fast ship and I brought Aurora Raikiri's Herald with us as well to assist in countering the foul weather the hags set around their island. The hag unleashed her servants against us. Sea snake monsters from the water and thunderbirds from the air assaulted us. Rycathus took to fighting the sea snakes while Chan'de took to fighting off the Thunderbirds attacks. With their suppression efforts I was able to begin battling Thonagra. Lightning struck and flew across the sky and tore through clouds and waves. In the end Thonagra was grievously wounded and I demanded her surrender. Her reply was less than desired and although i gave her a choice to voluntarily go into a Yasal crystal she raged and cursed against me. It was at this time that Chan'De spoke to her and with glib silvered words and arguments coaxed Thonagra into the Yasal crystal. With this our largest spirit threat from the empire was subdued.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower.
Liberation of the ancient tower.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower

Field Report by Zhuge Liang

  After holding our meeting for planning we were finally ready. The explorations we have done around the empire previously led us to a cave to the south where we saw small reptilian creatures and large brutish creatures as well underground.  For ease we have dubbed the kobold, which i believe is the equivalent to cockroach on one of the Western Islands native tongues. The larger ones brutes since they really are just giant hulks of muscle. For this measure we have gathered up pretty much everyone but Ryx and Coras since they have left to go to Palenquin for now to begin the plan to unseat the Ysyr for there. We arrived quickly enough at the small cave opening and quickly went inside. The same colapsed area remained  from are earlier retreat. With Keris and Rune plus my skill we quickly cleared the debris restoring the tunnel that would leads us back to the mysterious tower. 

  Our initial attempt to get them to chase us into the tunnel again to limit their numbers failed. They seemed to have realized how disadvantageous it would be for them to do so. After quickly organizing ourselves we all prepared and nodded and charged forth. When we entered the large cavern with the tower in the distance it was already filled with several thousand of the kobold creatures and four of the brutes that I could make out in the light.  This was going to be a lot more complicated then we expected. Calming ourselves several of us took our respective Martial Styles stances and the few seconds of the standoff between our sides shattered. With precision strikes, crippling blows, arrows of incomparable accuracy, dodging and counter strikes of incomparable grace, as well as the claws and teeth of snowflake. All of our violence and skills we brought to bear in a savage clashing with the teeming hordes of these creatures as we began the war for the tower.  Like a literal avalanche our opponents first tried to overwhelm us with sheer numbers. Regrettably for them that was a foolish choice as brutal and precise counters and assaults left tens of them dead or dying as each of us unleashed unrestrained violence against them.  Like a fog that burns away from the rising of the sun we cut them down with nearly no opposition of risk to us. That was until the the brutes finally managed to engage with us as well. Shinobi and Rycathus/snowflake each had a few join combat against them as well as Morlok was stuck with one clashing with him.

  Making the quickest decisions I could I cut a swath through the teeming hordes of the foul little bastards to help take out the Brutes which towered over the kobolds. I managed to make it over to help Shinobi take down a Brute while the others after a few moments of fighting started falling to each of us as well.  Once the Brutes fell we began moving forward again when an unexpected assault on us occurred.  Incoming streaks of flaming birds rained down amongst us as well as the enemy fodder as well. The blasts injured several of us as well as incinerating a number of the kobolds. The acrid stench of their burnt flesh as nearly nauseating.  Several large monsters that look like humanoid in build from the waist up but with prominent snake features and below the waist pure snake had fired spells upon us from an incredible distance away.  We all quickly realizing the danger of being barraged repeatedly began to hack our way forward quickly.  I quickly released my wings and channeled the power of lightning to surge forth as a bolt to close the gap with the creatures before they could open a new barrage. I was the first of our party to reach the five sorcerers but I was not the first to land a blow. A flawless arrow engulfed in the flames of the sun roared forth and struck one of the creatures just before I arrived injuring and burning the creature horribly.  I landed and gave them an immediate ultimatum to surrender or be destroyed.  Shadows all around me surged forth grasping and slashing at me as the 4 remaining sorcerers all launched attacks quickly.  Several struck me adding several fresh wounds to my burns I had taken earlier.  I pushed the fury into my bladed and in a strike and flash the first of the creatures head was decapitated. It happened so quickly I caught the head on the edge of my blade and flung it at the creature whose shadows injured me a few moments ago.  A screech from on of the other came as it lunged forth violently as its head to suddenly was loosened from its hybrid body. Again I flicked is head to the one who I steadily advanced to.  At this point only one of the others stood between me and the creature who had earned my wrath. Summoning countless shadow claws the surged forth in a violent wave of savaging darkness towards me.  Even in the near pitch blackness of the wave a clean sound was heard as a small glint through the center of the shadows was seen. Shrickkt like a fabric being torn a clean slash cut the shadows like the morning sun surges through darkness. The last creature between and my grudge fell into two pieces as it fell to the deadly swiftness on the martial form I have learned.  The snake creature nw full of fury and unnerved lunged biting and clawing at me as I dodged and parried as needed waiting for the opening needed to complete the attack I needed. I looked it in the eye as a small smirk formed Shining Point into the Void form strike. Fatal slash of the liquid steel flow.  The creature stopped and looked both confused and fearfully as my foot moved a few inches.  It just swayed there looking confused as the life slowly left its eyes as small red lines began to appear in perfect cut pieces. Seconds later without even understanding how it died it fell into the hundreds of pieces it was slashed into from my attack.  The remaining little kobold creatures fled in every direction as the last one fell crushing any who fell or were wounded under them as they tried their best to flee us. All of our animas at this point from the hard fight were iconicly glowing illuminating the cavern in a light that revealed the slaughter in its rawest of forms. Throats and necks were laying in impossible angles from the direction that Shinobi ran. chunks scraps and pieces were all that remained of the path Rycathus road in on. Pulped bodies and gore was left in the wake of the others.  In the end we held the field and conquered the Tower of Alabaster.

  Resting a bit and exploring the tower after the battle led to a discovery of a nice cache of money and Jades. The most interesting discovery was a person made of stone though. Something called a stone born? Morlok knew of its kind and helped to carry them safely out of the tower so that we could tend to their wounds. I look forward to speaking to it once it awakens. It is always a good day to discover something new.

Circus of Broken Dreams and Lost Souls

  The sounds of laughter and excitement mingled in the air along with the sizzle of food being cooked at different stalls. Children with their parents tailing ran excitedly from different stalls with games in them eager to try to win a prize.

  I was accompanying Keris, Rune, Finara, and Sylvan as they excitedly pulled me to various game and food stalls. They had all been hard at work now for months and a reward was definitely due. Going to the circus together was what they all four agreed upon with me accompanying them. Shinobi came as well although he was soon given a few scoldings from game booth owners due to his unnatural aims. He just smiled and lightly apologize while handing out the small prizes to some of the children who were watching him play. This brought a small wave of squeals of delight and thank you's as they received the prizes and quickly ran off to show them to parents and siblings. Shinobi was lightly teased for being a big softy after all by Finara and Sylvan although it appeared that it had no real effect on Shinobi other than making him smile a bit and wave his hand a bit. Everything was quite festive except once during a game watching over the girls as they played  got a bit of a odd feeling. but it was quite fleeting and after surveying my surrounding i gave it no further mind.

  We wandered around watching some side shows and seeing various acts before we came before the main big tent where the main show would soon start. A quick round of getting snacks and drinks from some food stalls happened and we soon settled into the seats to enjoy the show. the ringmaster soon came out in typical Garish fashion with a booming voice to announce the start of the entertainment! A burst of smoke happened and suddenly a small flood of clowns burst forth. Juggling and antics ensued that soon had the crowd and my girls laughing in delight. Next came a horse and rider show then acrobats that left many faces filled in awe at their frantic leaps and jumps. Soon lamps around the outer edge of the tent were lowered torches in the ring were lit and the main attraction show began. Various rare and fantastic monsters were brought out to do tricks and delight the crowd. It was a riveting show and…..enchanting. I quickly shook my head and the essence in me immediately ignited my sorcerous sight. There was magic being used on large scale. With my eyes given sight i saw most of the audience was in a entranced stupor watching a bird carry a snake around. The Quezecouatl that was performing a moment ago was a pathetic but very well done illusion. The ring master shed his human guise and was a weaselish kind of creature and several of the entertainers were vulpine in nature. It was now that I understood what happened. These are Fae. I quickly check all of my girls and they are entranced but ok. Shinobi seems to have not been affected either so I quickly tell him what I have seen. igniting my wing I leap into the air and land in the ring in front of the ringmaster. You have one chance to yield and surrender and I will spare your lives. Several quick slashes were thrown at me in quick attacks in response. Several of the Vulpine Fae came to help the ringmaster while several went over to stop Shinobi from joining me.

  Shinobi was the first to act and the fight in the stands with him quickly escalated to complex moves dodging slashes of their claws and delivering devastating counters to them back. I had summoned my sword and had attacked the ringmaster first. His two guards quickly caused me to have to divert attention from him to deal with them as I received several wounds which were not serious as well but couldn't be lightly ignored. A loud crash from the stands showed Shinobi had gained the upper hand on one attacker and had ended his life. The other was staggered a bit as well. A quick flash from me lightly injured one of the guards on me. But I was being hard pressed by my three opponents. It was around now I began to notice some music was playing I hadn't noticed prior. After dodging a few more attacks and delivering several of my own in return Brutus slammed into the ring and with a sweeping attack killed one of the guards. Using the surprise break in their guard I lunged forward and severed the life and soul of the ring master instantly. Shinobi also finished sending a savage strike that shattered the chest of the ones attacking him sending a spray of blood and fluids erupting from the back of the fae as its lifeless husked slumped to the ground dead. The remaining Fae that were running the circus were slaughtered by the troops that were guarding Brutus and the nightmare of the circus came to a close.

  After a quick conference we searched the wagons of the circus and recovered several wagons worth of stolen goods and money, but it was the final wagon that had the worst surprise. When we opened the door the stench was overwhelming and stacked inside like firewood was several hundred of our citizens corpses half eaten or decaying tossed like trash.

Meat Trees and a Royal executioner is a plant?
How to get friends through gardening

  Rycathus notes on this cant be right. I looked over at Shinobi to have him confirm it as well but he too confirmed it said talking plant here on the map. We were rapidly traveling on my whirlwind to the location marked. Once we got to the area it took about another 30 minutes before we came across a lush growth of plants and trees just as Rycathus notes indicated. About 5 minutes of walking towards the center of the growth led us to a giant blooming flower with an amazingly intoxicating scent. I called out hello in greetings to the flower but nothing. Me and Shinobi looked at each other and I called out again. This time saying Rycathus told us about you. The flower rapidly closed itself in a seeming reverse into a large bud like structure and then spoke. Ahh he mentioned some friends of his may come by, I take that would be you. A vine was extended by the plant to us with two small berries. Both of you eat one. My pollen causes people to become dull which makes it easier to prey upon them. Since you are the friends of that fellow eating the berry will keep it from affecting you. After eating the berry we began an odd chat with a sentient plant. Ultimately after about 30 minutes of talking Seymour which is the plants name, agreed to let us move him to the Empire and accept the position of Royal Executioner. 

  He shared also that if he eats animals or his preference people, the plants around him grow incredibly healthy and faster. It took all four of my elemental servants to safely move Seymour but he is now safely in Thronghar and assuming is position. We had one other odd excursion as well. Evidently Rycathus had encountered a god of a woods and offered aid to him to deepen a friendship. We flew again out to this woods and spoke to the massive eagle god of the forest. Our quest was to remove a tainted tree of some sort from the forest since its presence was causing mutations to local animals and was harming the forest.

  After departing we headed to the location indicated. It was immediately noticeable regarding the problem. A huge tree that looked like 5 or 6 trunks were woven together grew in a twisted fashion up into a wide gnarled canopy. Strange fruits that are covered in a literal flesh covering hand on the tree and many rotting litter the ground. I summoned my twins to ask them if they would have any problems walking the tree away from the forest. The twins indicated they could their eyes already twinkling looking at the fruit. They quickly began conversing with themselves and the tree. While they were preparing everything we noticed some large animals a bit of a ways away. Once we investigated a bit more we saw boars that were larger than bulls roaming around. It seems the tend to stay in this area due to the fruit the tree makes. This tree is definitely wyld tainted. we will need to study it further once we can move it closer to the demense in Freyrdawn where the gods reside. We of course took several of the boars down and gathered about  a dozen massive ivory tusks as well.

  Several days later a quick meeting with the gods of Freyrdawn yielded the unique tree to a new home where we can experiment further with the fruits the tree grows. We still have more places to visit and things to resolve but a number of the smaller things on our borders are now resolved. Only two larger issues remain, but we will take care of them another time.


A moment's respite

  Time flows to quickly. It has already been three months since the battle with the Horselords and the death of Navarre. Still so much is left to do even with things getting completed. The Great Southern Wall for lack of a more creative name ofr it yet has been completed. There is now a 15 ft. high 10 ft. long wall running across the entire bottom of the peninsula covering both Thronghar and Freyrdawn and its surrounding farmlands. Also as a fitting tribute a massive statue of Navarre stands over the Central gate of the wall. Two other are close to both Thronghar and Freyrdawn. At least there is now a physical barrier to slow or stop attacks by land going forward. in the mean time supplies have been given out that Navarre brought. The refugees of the Horselords that agreed to become vassals have been settled. Several of my personal projects have been completed and born fruit already. In an endless sea of things to do it is nice to finally feel like there is progress. Soon the cities will be finished with their expansions and re-designs. I haven't spoken much to my other circle mates the past few months. I am sure they are all busy pursuing their plans and goals as well. It should be time to begin our next large plan soon. I wonder how the Ysyr in Pallenquin will love their soon to be new occupation hell.

War of the Shimmering Dreams Plains
The fall of the Horselords

  Under Brutus' directive each of us prepared ourselves and using whirlwinds or Agata under the cover of night we sortie against our enemies. On paper it looks hopeless. 20,000 elite Horseman calvary raised since birth to hunt, fight, and ride against 10 exalted and 8 Agata. Behind us in defensive positions to protect our people another 10,000 troops split between two cities nervously awaited the dawn the the dread of the incoming hordes. Many would call what we were going to do a fools errand and sure death. We all knew differently though. The fires in our souls and eyes had been lit. No more will we cower before the impossible. Today we will be and do the impossible and our enemies and the Agents of Heaven will know what the anger of the chosen will be like.

  Each of us separate to strike the 10 largest concentrations of the enemies tents while they are sleeping or drunkenly boasting of their soon to be spoils. Their campfires lit the plains sought of Freyrdawn like a sunrise at a distance. Even with supreme confidence this is definitely something that is surely a foolish thing to do. taking a deep breath i concentrate as I begin to gather the essence around me and prepare. The signal was not lon in coming. Like a burst of a new born star in the distance left of my position a brilliant white light like a scythe lit up and then swept through a camp ending untold numbers of lives. Seconds later Flames engulfed another camp as even in the blackness a shower of arrows rained from the sky each one reaping the lives of our enemies like a guildsman to profit. TO my right a massive boomerang split into hundreds of itself and rained down like a unholy storm upon another camp. Like a macabre composer the screams of the wounds and last words of the dead mixed as the one who caused the devastation unleashed the attack again leaving the ground soaked in blood and a silence that screamed of the slaughter that occurred there. My gathering of essence completed I swooped down with my Agata and unleashed my surprise attack against those in the camp I was to strike. tens of thousands of the obsidian burst forth from the seal I completed and surged forth in a torrent towards the tents and horses of the sleeping troops. The surge of blackness went forward and behind it was a carnage that would pale the most harden soul. Nothing but blood soaked ground and chunks of equipment and meat mingled the ground. There were no screams for it caused no wounded. It was an attacked that left no illusion of the malice it held to the attackers. the Agata slowed as I jumped of and with wings of lightning I glided to the ground. Setting my stance I began the Dance of the Void. Thousands of strikes faster than their eyes could follow poured forth as I glided through their ranks. Behind me seconds later founts of blood from precise strikes poured forth from countless soldiers in my way. Many of the enemy attacked and met the same fate while many began to flee taking a horse and their life only as they fled the slaughter.

  Under the cover of night all of us completed the task of bloody vengeance for their assault upon us. Thousands of corpses littered the plains and thousands more wound crawled and moaned calling out for help as they still hadn't processed what had happened with such ferocity.

  No war is without loss and no battle is without casualties. Navarre's camp he attacked caused his anima to flare up when he attacked, suddenly it went out. Never a good sign many of us rushed there to see what happened. when we arrived there was a giant man dressed in oricalculum with several daiklaves and an all to familiar site of a hooded cloaked man, an Agent of Heaven. Navarre was badly injured and crucified on a cross. The Armored man roared you will all join your friend in suffering and die for what you have done! Suddenly 10 bright blades appeared in the air and before we could even react the struck Navarre bisecting him at the waist and ending his life. The rage and anger boiling in us caused one more problem for us. Before we could move the man then sent those blades flying at us catching us momentarily off guard. This giant was given a great honor in return for this. He became the first person in the war to personally take the rage of every exalted around him. Claw, swords, even stilts struck him repeatedly in the span of a few seconds. His life ended literally seconds after in a bloodied pile that would make even a victim of an Obsidian Butterfly attack look identifiable. The cloaked man lasted slightly longer. Several attacks were immediately launched at him. Lining up I delivered two near simultaneous strikes to him. As expected he directed part of the first attacks damage to someone close by, which was Brutus. May guess was correct however in that apparently he can only do so once as my second attack ended the life of him instantly. With this the battle was effectively over. Their army remnants fled in every direction but towards our lands. a number of us chased remnants striking them down while others gathered the scattered horses. Lastly a few of us chased large groups of survivors and spoke with them regarding the battle and brought several thousand of them back to join our empire. Finally as we all began to gather back up the first rays of the sun peaked over the land and the battle was over.


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