Sins of the Solar Empire.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower.
Liberation of the ancient tower.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower

Field Report by Zhuge Liang

  After holding our meeting for planning we were finally ready. The explorations we have done around the empire previously led us to a cave to the south where we saw small reptilian creatures and large brutish creatures as well underground.  For ease we have dubbed the kobold, which i believe is the equivalent to cockroach on one of the Western Islands native tongues. The larger ones brutes since they really are just giant hulks of muscle. For this measure we have gathered up pretty much everyone but Ryx and Coras since they have left to go to Palenquin for now to begin the plan to unseat the Ysyr for there. We arrived quickly enough at the small cave opening and quickly went inside. The same colapsed area remained  from are earlier retreat. With Keris and Rune plus my skill we quickly cleared the debris restoring the tunnel that would leads us back to the mysterious tower. 

  Our initial attempt to get them to chase us into the tunnel again to limit their numbers failed. They seemed to have realized how disadvantageous it would be for them to do so. After quickly organizing ourselves we all prepared and nodded and charged forth. When we entered the large cavern with the tower in the distance it was already filled with several thousand of the kobold creatures and four of the brutes that I could make out in the light.  This was going to be a lot more complicated then we expected. Calming ourselves several of us took our respective Martial Styles stances and the few seconds of the standoff between our sides shattered. With precision strikes, crippling blows, arrows of incomparable accuracy, dodging and counter strikes of incomparable grace, as well as the claws and teeth of snowflake. All of our violence and skills we brought to bear in a savage clashing with the teeming hordes of these creatures as we began the war for the tower.  Like a literal avalanche our opponents first tried to overwhelm us with sheer numbers. Regrettably for them that was a foolish choice as brutal and precise counters and assaults left tens of them dead or dying as each of us unleashed unrestrained violence against them.  Like a fog that burns away from the rising of the sun we cut them down with nearly no opposition of risk to us. That was until the the brutes finally managed to engage with us as well. Shinobi and Rycathus/snowflake each had a few join combat against them as well as Morlok was stuck with one clashing with him.

  Making the quickest decisions I could I cut a swath through the teeming hordes of the foul little bastards to help take out the Brutes which towered over the kobolds. I managed to make it over to help Shinobi take down a Brute while the others after a few moments of fighting started falling to each of us as well.  Once the Brutes fell we began moving forward again when an unexpected assault on us occurred.  Incoming streaks of flaming birds rained down amongst us as well as the enemy fodder as well. The blasts injured several of us as well as incinerating a number of the kobolds. The acrid stench of their burnt flesh as nearly nauseating.  Several large monsters that look like humanoid in build from the waist up but with prominent snake features and below the waist pure snake had fired spells upon us from an incredible distance away.  We all quickly realizing the danger of being barraged repeatedly began to hack our way forward quickly.  I quickly released my wings and channeled the power of lightning to surge forth as a bolt to close the gap with the creatures before they could open a new barrage. I was the first of our party to reach the five sorcerers but I was not the first to land a blow. A flawless arrow engulfed in the flames of the sun roared forth and struck one of the creatures just before I arrived injuring and burning the creature horribly.  I landed and gave them an immediate ultimatum to surrender or be destroyed.  Shadows all around me surged forth grasping and slashing at me as the 4 remaining sorcerers all launched attacks quickly.  Several struck me adding several fresh wounds to my burns I had taken earlier.  I pushed the fury into my bladed and in a strike and flash the first of the creatures head was decapitated. It happened so quickly I caught the head on the edge of my blade and flung it at the creature whose shadows injured me a few moments ago.  A screech from on of the other came as it lunged forth violently as its head to suddenly was loosened from its hybrid body. Again I flicked is head to the one who I steadily advanced to.  At this point only one of the others stood between me and the creature who had earned my wrath. Summoning countless shadow claws the surged forth in a violent wave of savaging darkness towards me.  Even in the near pitch blackness of the wave a clean sound was heard as a small glint through the center of the shadows was seen. Shrickkt like a fabric being torn a clean slash cut the shadows like the morning sun surges through darkness. The last creature between and my grudge fell into two pieces as it fell to the deadly swiftness on the martial form I have learned.  The snake creature nw full of fury and unnerved lunged biting and clawing at me as I dodged and parried as needed waiting for the opening needed to complete the attack I needed. I looked it in the eye as a small smirk formed Shining Point into the Void form strike. Fatal slash of the liquid steel flow.  The creature stopped and looked both confused and fearfully as my foot moved a few inches.  It just swayed there looking confused as the life slowly left its eyes as small red lines began to appear in perfect cut pieces. Seconds later without even understanding how it died it fell into the hundreds of pieces it was slashed into from my attack.  The remaining little kobold creatures fled in every direction as the last one fell crushing any who fell or were wounded under them as they tried their best to flee us. All of our animas at this point from the hard fight were iconicly glowing illuminating the cavern in a light that revealed the slaughter in its rawest of forms. Throats and necks were laying in impossible angles from the direction that Shinobi ran. chunks scraps and pieces were all that remained of the path Rycathus road in on. Pulped bodies and gore was left in the wake of the others.  In the end we held the field and conquered the Tower of Alabaster.

  Resting a bit and exploring the tower after the battle led to a discovery of a nice cache of money and Jades. The most interesting discovery was a person made of stone though. Something called a stone born? Morlok knew of its kind and helped to carry them safely out of the tower so that we could tend to their wounds. I look forward to speaking to it once it awakens. It is always a good day to discover something new.

Circus of Broken Dreams and Lost Souls

  The sounds of laughter and excitement mingled in the air along with the sizzle of food being cooked at different stalls. Children with their parents tailing ran excitedly from different stalls with games in them eager to try to win a prize.

  I was accompanying Keris, Rune, Finara, and Sylvan as they excitedly pulled me to various game and food stalls. They had all been hard at work now for months and a reward was definitely due. Going to the circus together was what they all four agreed upon with me accompanying them. Shinobi came as well although he was soon given a few scoldings from game booth owners due to his unnatural aims. He just smiled and lightly apologize while handing out the small prizes to some of the children who were watching him play. This brought a small wave of squeals of delight and thank you's as they received the prizes and quickly ran off to show them to parents and siblings. Shinobi was lightly teased for being a big softy after all by Finara and Sylvan although it appeared that it had no real effect on Shinobi other than making him smile a bit and wave his hand a bit. Everything was quite festive except once during a game watching over the girls as they played  got a bit of a odd feeling. but it was quite fleeting and after surveying my surrounding i gave it no further mind.

  We wandered around watching some side shows and seeing various acts before we came before the main big tent where the main show would soon start. A quick round of getting snacks and drinks from some food stalls happened and we soon settled into the seats to enjoy the show. the ringmaster soon came out in typical Garish fashion with a booming voice to announce the start of the entertainment! A burst of smoke happened and suddenly a small flood of clowns burst forth. Juggling and antics ensued that soon had the crowd and my girls laughing in delight. Next came a horse and rider show then acrobats that left many faces filled in awe at their frantic leaps and jumps. Soon lamps around the outer edge of the tent were lowered torches in the ring were lit and the main attraction show began. Various rare and fantastic monsters were brought out to do tricks and delight the crowd. It was a riveting show and…..enchanting. I quickly shook my head and the essence in me immediately ignited my sorcerous sight. There was magic being used on large scale. With my eyes given sight i saw most of the audience was in a entranced stupor watching a bird carry a snake around. The Quezecouatl that was performing a moment ago was a pathetic but very well done illusion. The ring master shed his human guise and was a weaselish kind of creature and several of the entertainers were vulpine in nature. It was now that I understood what happened. These are Fae. I quickly check all of my girls and they are entranced but ok. Shinobi seems to have not been affected either so I quickly tell him what I have seen. igniting my wing I leap into the air and land in the ring in front of the ringmaster. You have one chance to yield and surrender and I will spare your lives. Several quick slashes were thrown at me in quick attacks in response. Several of the Vulpine Fae came to help the ringmaster while several went over to stop Shinobi from joining me.

  Shinobi was the first to act and the fight in the stands with him quickly escalated to complex moves dodging slashes of their claws and delivering devastating counters to them back. I had summoned my sword and had attacked the ringmaster first. His two guards quickly caused me to have to divert attention from him to deal with them as I received several wounds which were not serious as well but couldn't be lightly ignored. A loud crash from the stands showed Shinobi had gained the upper hand on one attacker and had ended his life. The other was staggered a bit as well. A quick flash from me lightly injured one of the guards on me. But I was being hard pressed by my three opponents. It was around now I began to notice some music was playing I hadn't noticed prior. After dodging a few more attacks and delivering several of my own in return Brutus slammed into the ring and with a sweeping attack killed one of the guards. Using the surprise break in their guard I lunged forward and severed the life and soul of the ring master instantly. Shinobi also finished sending a savage strike that shattered the chest of the ones attacking him sending a spray of blood and fluids erupting from the back of the fae as its lifeless husked slumped to the ground dead. The remaining Fae that were running the circus were slaughtered by the troops that were guarding Brutus and the nightmare of the circus came to a close.

  After a quick conference we searched the wagons of the circus and recovered several wagons worth of stolen goods and money, but it was the final wagon that had the worst surprise. When we opened the door the stench was overwhelming and stacked inside like firewood was several hundred of our citizens corpses half eaten or decaying tossed like trash.

Meat Trees and a Royal executioner is a plant?
How to get friends through gardening

  Rycathus notes on this cant be right. I looked over at Shinobi to have him confirm it as well but he too confirmed it said talking plant here on the map. We were rapidly traveling on my whirlwind to the location marked. Once we got to the area it took about another 30 minutes before we came across a lush growth of plants and trees just as Rycathus notes indicated. About 5 minutes of walking towards the center of the growth led us to a giant blooming flower with an amazingly intoxicating scent. I called out hello in greetings to the flower but nothing. Me and Shinobi looked at each other and I called out again. This time saying Rycathus told us about you. The flower rapidly closed itself in a seeming reverse into a large bud like structure and then spoke. Ahh he mentioned some friends of his may come by, I take that would be you. A vine was extended by the plant to us with two small berries. Both of you eat one. My pollen causes people to become dull which makes it easier to prey upon them. Since you are the friends of that fellow eating the berry will keep it from affecting you. After eating the berry we began an odd chat with a sentient plant. Ultimately after about 30 minutes of talking Seymour which is the plants name, agreed to let us move him to the Empire and accept the position of Royal Executioner. 

  He shared also that if he eats animals or his preference people, the plants around him grow incredibly healthy and faster. It took all four of my elemental servants to safely move Seymour but he is now safely in Thronghar and assuming is position. We had one other odd excursion as well. Evidently Rycathus had encountered a god of a woods and offered aid to him to deepen a friendship. We flew again out to this woods and spoke to the massive eagle god of the forest. Our quest was to remove a tainted tree of some sort from the forest since its presence was causing mutations to local animals and was harming the forest.

  After departing we headed to the location indicated. It was immediately noticeable regarding the problem. A huge tree that looked like 5 or 6 trunks were woven together grew in a twisted fashion up into a wide gnarled canopy. Strange fruits that are covered in a literal flesh covering hand on the tree and many rotting litter the ground. I summoned my twins to ask them if they would have any problems walking the tree away from the forest. The twins indicated they could their eyes already twinkling looking at the fruit. They quickly began conversing with themselves and the tree. While they were preparing everything we noticed some large animals a bit of a ways away. Once we investigated a bit more we saw boars that were larger than bulls roaming around. It seems the tend to stay in this area due to the fruit the tree makes. This tree is definitely wyld tainted. we will need to study it further once we can move it closer to the demense in Freyrdawn where the gods reside. We of course took several of the boars down and gathered about  a dozen massive ivory tusks as well.

  Several days later a quick meeting with the gods of Freyrdawn yielded the unique tree to a new home where we can experiment further with the fruits the tree grows. We still have more places to visit and things to resolve but a number of the smaller things on our borders are now resolved. Only two larger issues remain, but we will take care of them another time.


A moment's respite

  Time flows to quickly. It has already been three months since the battle with the Horselords and the death of Navarre. Still so much is left to do even with things getting completed. The Great Southern Wall for lack of a more creative name ofr it yet has been completed. There is now a 15 ft. high 10 ft. long wall running across the entire bottom of the peninsula covering both Thronghar and Freyrdawn and its surrounding farmlands. Also as a fitting tribute a massive statue of Navarre stands over the Central gate of the wall. Two other are close to both Thronghar and Freyrdawn. At least there is now a physical barrier to slow or stop attacks by land going forward. in the mean time supplies have been given out that Navarre brought. The refugees of the Horselords that agreed to become vassals have been settled. Several of my personal projects have been completed and born fruit already. In an endless sea of things to do it is nice to finally feel like there is progress. Soon the cities will be finished with their expansions and re-designs. I haven't spoken much to my other circle mates the past few months. I am sure they are all busy pursuing their plans and goals as well. It should be time to begin our next large plan soon. I wonder how the Ysyr in Pallenquin will love their soon to be new occupation hell.

War of the Shimmering Dreams Plains
The fall of the Horselords

  Under Brutus' directive each of us prepared ourselves and using whirlwinds or Agata under the cover of night we sortie against our enemies. On paper it looks hopeless. 20,000 elite Horseman calvary raised since birth to hunt, fight, and ride against 10 exalted and 8 Agata. Behind us in defensive positions to protect our people another 10,000 troops split between two cities nervously awaited the dawn the the dread of the incoming hordes. Many would call what we were going to do a fools errand and sure death. We all knew differently though. The fires in our souls and eyes had been lit. No more will we cower before the impossible. Today we will be and do the impossible and our enemies and the Agents of Heaven will know what the anger of the chosen will be like.

  Each of us separate to strike the 10 largest concentrations of the enemies tents while they are sleeping or drunkenly boasting of their soon to be spoils. Their campfires lit the plains sought of Freyrdawn like a sunrise at a distance. Even with supreme confidence this is definitely something that is surely a foolish thing to do. taking a deep breath i concentrate as I begin to gather the essence around me and prepare. The signal was not lon in coming. Like a burst of a new born star in the distance left of my position a brilliant white light like a scythe lit up and then swept through a camp ending untold numbers of lives. Seconds later Flames engulfed another camp as even in the blackness a shower of arrows rained from the sky each one reaping the lives of our enemies like a guildsman to profit. TO my right a massive boomerang split into hundreds of itself and rained down like a unholy storm upon another camp. Like a macabre composer the screams of the wounds and last words of the dead mixed as the one who caused the devastation unleashed the attack again leaving the ground soaked in blood and a silence that screamed of the slaughter that occurred there. My gathering of essence completed I swooped down with my Agata and unleashed my surprise attack against those in the camp I was to strike. tens of thousands of the obsidian burst forth from the seal I completed and surged forth in a torrent towards the tents and horses of the sleeping troops. The surge of blackness went forward and behind it was a carnage that would pale the most harden soul. Nothing but blood soaked ground and chunks of equipment and meat mingled the ground. There were no screams for it caused no wounded. It was an attacked that left no illusion of the malice it held to the attackers. the Agata slowed as I jumped of and with wings of lightning I glided to the ground. Setting my stance I began the Dance of the Void. Thousands of strikes faster than their eyes could follow poured forth as I glided through their ranks. Behind me seconds later founts of blood from precise strikes poured forth from countless soldiers in my way. Many of the enemy attacked and met the same fate while many began to flee taking a horse and their life only as they fled the slaughter.

  Under the cover of night all of us completed the task of bloody vengeance for their assault upon us. Thousands of corpses littered the plains and thousands more wound crawled and moaned calling out for help as they still hadn't processed what had happened with such ferocity.

  No war is without loss and no battle is without casualties. Navarre's camp he attacked caused his anima to flare up when he attacked, suddenly it went out. Never a good sign many of us rushed there to see what happened. when we arrived there was a giant man dressed in oricalculum with several daiklaves and an all to familiar site of a hooded cloaked man, an Agent of Heaven. Navarre was badly injured and crucified on a cross. The Armored man roared you will all join your friend in suffering and die for what you have done! Suddenly 10 bright blades appeared in the air and before we could even react the struck Navarre bisecting him at the waist and ending his life. The rage and anger boiling in us caused one more problem for us. Before we could move the man then sent those blades flying at us catching us momentarily off guard. This giant was given a great honor in return for this. He became the first person in the war to personally take the rage of every exalted around him. Claw, swords, even stilts struck him repeatedly in the span of a few seconds. His life ended literally seconds after in a bloodied pile that would make even a victim of an Obsidian Butterfly attack look identifiable. The cloaked man lasted slightly longer. Several attacks were immediately launched at him. Lining up I delivered two near simultaneous strikes to him. As expected he directed part of the first attacks damage to someone close by, which was Brutus. May guess was correct however in that apparently he can only do so once as my second attack ended the life of him instantly. With this the battle was effectively over. Their army remnants fled in every direction but towards our lands. a number of us chased remnants striking them down while others gathered the scattered horses. Lastly a few of us chased large groups of survivors and spoke with them regarding the battle and brought several thousand of them back to join our empire. Finally as we all began to gather back up the first rays of the sun peaked over the land and the battle was over.

Torture chamber - Day 1

As I walk down the hallway the stone echoes as every step I make, the musky calcium and the sweat of the nervous fuels my rage. Thoughts kept the whispers in place. “You, you destroyed my people”, “You destroyed something beautiful”, “an empire of sacrifice, the women raged through you as you filthy men grabbed and tainted everything that is pure”. Flashbacks started to happen to all I have seen and saved. My tattoo grows in anger and become spikes urging for flesh. Saddened that I only have a week. As I turn the corner, I was greeted by 4 men with mops and tired of the smell of excrement. I told them to “Leave me, and return when the sun has set” One of them gave me the keys of the caged delicious flesh mounted in stone and ran out with the others. All twelve, wide eyes on me while I opened and locked the cage. I even threw the keys out knowing when the Mopmen came back they would unlock to my voice.

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Once I was fully immersed in the fear and filth I couldn’t help but smile. “Hello, I am the Night Mother and owner of Sybirfir, My name is… Well I guess you don’t deserve my name do you?” I walk over to the person that looks like the captain. “Are you the captain?”. He started making hums but I couldn’t understand. I quickly realize all of their tongues are cut off. “Okay Blink once if you are, Twice if you are not” He didn’t blink. Went to the next one “You know how to use your eyes?” He blinked rapidly. “Okay Blink once if you are the captain, Twice if you are not” He blinked twice. “Thank you, is he the captain? Blink once if he is, Twice if he’s not” The captain begins to worry and again humming unintelligibly. The soldier begins to tear up and blinks once and looks at him. I smile and say “Thank you, Now only if you didn’t follow your captain to destroy Sybirfir you wouldn’t be in this situation. Nevertheless, I’ll reward you somehow for your honesty”. I turn back to the captain, closing his eyes in fear hum/screaming unintelligibly. “Oh no you don’t, you didn’t blink when I asked you too.” I flexed my tattoo to come off my fingers as claws and I gently pull one of his eyelids open. Chiseling with my index claw through the eyelid flesh and letting it snap back. I look at the eyelid skin “Huh you have great eyelashes” Throwing it on the wall and the captain is hum/screaming unintelligibly. “What is that? You didn’t want to blink so I’m just helping you out. I’ll let you keep your left eyelid for more questions.” I turn back onto the soldiers, “All of you may have previous names, but in here you are going to go by what I give you.”  I go around naming the soldiers and I spit in the captain's face and tell him thats his name.


I walk up to Nin “You have pretty eyes, Ate do you think he has pretty eyes, Blink once for yes” He didn’t blink “ Well I think he does, I don’t think you deserve those eyes” I grow my black claws even longer to make them needle like piercing the delicate, wet tissue of the cornea; moving carefully to ensure Nin feels the the darkness of Mara’s touch. As it slides deep in his pupil ever so slowly. Going through the iris, the lens, all the way to the very back of his tearing, burning eye. Seeing him wince I could tell I got the nerve as he is screaming pain, I explore the soft, tender tissue inside. “Isn’t this fun”, I take it out abruptly hearing the eyeball make a pop noise letting the goop of his eye shreds on the captain and unfold the external rectus out of the eye socket onto his face. “Your fingers however are filthy things that steal away the life and happiness of innocent women and children you’ve touched” taking my two of my claws (Like scissors) and placing the center point at the lowest joint in each finger. Squeezing hard and twisting until it cuts to bone. Then breaking the bone. sploosh “Do you know what skin allows?” as I begin pulling off the skin on the fingers. “Skin allows you to feel the warmth of a loved one. There was a Dragonborn named Dria that you slaughtered” Now starting to pick off the muscles in fingers and causally throwing them behind me. “I liked her, I liked hugging her, and bringing her back clothing from other towns and your filthy fingers took that away” Tugging at the bones and attempting to pull the radius bone from out of the hand. When I do I realized there is a lot of blood. “Oh no you don’t” I take the torch from the wall and heat a stone to sear it shut. “I’m not done with you yet”. I use my spider feet to walk on the stone wall behind him and kneel down and let my claws cut open his skin under and behind his head. “You know I always wanted to know if I could create a fountain of blood.” I look to my audience  “But the spine was always in the way”. I make the slit a little deeper. “Since the stone wall is holding you up this present an opportunity”. I reach in and tug on the spine a few times to hear the fear of my audience. I gently crack it and hearing it crack and feeling the vibrations all through my body makes me completely orgasm along the wall. Taking breaths I heavy sigh “ I have needed this” and pull out the spine to where it hits the ceiling and shakes some blood on it. Then jump down on the floor seeing Nin’s body is limp still supported by the stone wall. Laying the spine down gently. I walk up to Nin and push his stomach a little to see blood coming up and over the slit on top of his neck. Backing up to Wo “Let’s see if this works” and running to Nin and jump kick off his stomach crushing his rib cage from the force flipping over and landing on my feet looking at the blood fountain that gushed at the ceiling and little chunks of organs flair off of the spewing gushing red blood and it rains on the captian, En, and Elve. Orgasming again and admiring what I have done. I look at the spine next to my feet, “This spine really intact, Do you want to know how intact -” I spit at the captian. “Blink once for yes, Blink twice for no” the Spit didn’t blink. I proceed to whack the captain with the spine till the spine breaks.

I heard Coras walking down the hallway at this point. “Coras?” I yelled,

Ryx: “Can you cut someone's eyelids off and they’ll still be alive”,

Coras: “Yes, but they will go blind due to infection, you’ll have to keep their eyes moist”

Ryx: “Will mop water do?”

Coras: “It’ll sting but I can see that working temporarily”

Ryx: “Perfect.”

I Chisel with my index claw through the other eyelid flesh of the captain and letting it snap back “Oh look I have two set of great eyelashes” Grinning and grabbed the other on on the wall and placed them on the wall like a face facing the captain. And scratched a smile on the wall  “Hmm It’s missing something, ah a nose” I walk over to Nin and sliced his nose off slowly for everyone to hear the full cartilage snapping. I walked over the wall and placed a nose on the wall and let the blood dry in the wall so it will stay. “You know why I put a smile on the wall?” “Because all of you should be happy, you successfully slain Sybirfir, isn’t that what your life means? Oh wait, now your life is meaningless. Well good news, I gave back your life’s meaning,” gesturing at Nin and still addressing everyone “ all the pain you suffered, and will suffer shall be everything you know. Everything you had joy in, shall be gone.This, this is the life you are living now. But you slain Sybirfir and Dria, so you should be happy, Correct?”. I proceed to taking my two of my claws (Like scissors) and placing the center point at the lowest joint in all of their fingers except for Ate and Spit. Squeezing hard and twisting until it cuts to bone. Begin pulling off the skin on their fingers and force feed their skin and any chucks I find from the geyser of blood event

The Mopmen came in, “Clean the ceiling, walls except for the face part, floors, their hands, sprinkle some water in captain’s eyes and I already fed them. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. And come back at tomorrow’s sunset for further instructions. Salutations.” They nodded. I turn to Coras can you make sure they don’t bleed to death except… well you’ll see which one I’m talking about?” As I walked out of the hallway I heard the groans and fears of the Mopmen. I hope they have nightmares of what they see. This is going to be a good week since this was day one.

Shinobi's Tale: The Water Runs Red Like That Of A Ruby

Following the battle with the DIS, Shinobi spends the next 3 months surveying the surrounding waters and coastlines of the Dreaming Sea in search of stray enemy vessels that could be looming for a counter attack. 

Running drills with the fleet of ships, Shinobi notices a female shipmate that seemed quite out of the ordinary. Day after day her fiery red hair and strange owl tattoos continue to escape his direct gaze, but he swore she was onboard. Suddenly in almost a blink of an eye, a single huge spiny tentacle darts out of the water and smashes itself onto the hull of the furthest ship in the fleet, crushing it in half. The demolished ships crew are forced to abandon the crushed ship but the spines that jet from the tentacles are wrapping themselves around the crew pulling them underwater. One by one each ship is pulled into the ocean by massive tentacles. Shinobi’s ship is the last to be targeted by the sea monster but just like the others, the ship is crushed under the weight of the giant tentacle. As Shinobi is flung off of the ship a spine from the creature tentacle wraps around him and he is pulled into the ocean to suffer the same fate as rest of the crew. As Shinobi contemplates his final moments of life, he sees the fiery red haired women with the owl tattoos swimming towards him. Before she reaches him, everything goes dark. 

Gasping for air and sweat pouring off his brow Shinobi is awakened by his crew mates yelling at him in a panic. "It was only a dream." he thought. The crew tells him they are right in the middle of a dark magical storm, potentially miles away from the rest of the fleet. This storm is nothing the captain or the crew have ever seen before. Lighting bolts blast down from the sky in the shape of gazelle’s, ocean water floods onto the deck in the shape of caterpillars. The ship is caught in a spiraling whirlpool. Shinobi grabs the steering wheel and starts to lead the ship to safety by following his Owl through the storm. As the owl veers right, Shinobi does the same to avoid the crashing lighting. The Owl leads the boat away from the cursed storm and onto safer waters. 

Finally clearing the dark storm, the ship and crew are lost. The darkness gives way and it seems to be midday, without a star in the sky to navigate them. Storms like these are known to transport vessels anywhere in the dreaming sea and the ship was very low on rations. Shinobi needs to get a bearing on his location or he and the crew might starve to death. In the far horizon, two ships catch his eyes and he makes the call to flank them, even though the odds are high that they are not a part of his fleet. 

Coming up to the ships, Falcon/Beast like men in a flying ship are descending on a small escaping vessel. On the fleeing ship, Shinobi recognize the women with the fiery red hair from his dream. By the time his ship gets into range he notices her ship has been captured by the Beastmen and she is tied up and being held captive on her ship. Reluctantly,  Shiniobi and crew broadside the Beast men's boat, making quick work of the captain and crew, then scaring away the rest. After the battle was won the fleeing Beastmen blew up her boat with only she surviving the blast. After some interrogation, Shinobi’s learns the girl of his dreams name is Ruby and they become “quick” friends. Agreeing to come back to the empire, she and Shinobi decide to test their combat skills against each other, leading to a heated night they both soon won't forget.  After a night of passion, Shinobi’s curse of an owl makes himself known to Ruby. She yell's in a rage " you are one of them aren't you!?!" and she quickly exits the boat in a hurry by casting a whirlwind storm that launches her off of the boat. A confused Shinobi returns to the empire with his fleet, but his heart stolen by the fiery red haired girl of his dreams. 


Survey Report: Dreamfang Peninsula and Bay

Excerpt of Survey Report from the "Complete Survey of Flora, Fauna, Geomancy, and Mineral Resources of the Dreamfang Peninsula and Bay"

Survey report submitted by: Zhuge Liang, Rycathus, Khorvax.

 We have spent the last few weeks completing the final surveys of the peninsula and completed the bay survey as well. We also went in and did a survey for the western shore. The following items of note were located.

 - A demense with a warning of death for those who enter.

 - A forming demense that has the effects of the border marches due to it being a Fae Freehold. Apx. 1000 fae inhabit this area on the western shore of the bay. They have a sea cave entrance into the bay.  – Need to plan to remove this threat from bay

 - A small cave that led to extensive underground cavern system. Had small reptilian creatures that farmed glowing lichen and lived in a massive arcane runed tower. Several of the msall reptilian creatures have been captured for study. Also have large reptile like bat creatures with acid spitting abilities under their control. – Further exploration needed

 - The Village of no Return – An ancient solar worked an amazingly complex geomancy on this area. A village is in the middle of the formation. Upon entering everything feels and looks better. Upon leaving a gut wrenching sorrow strikes you. It makes you wish to return to it strongly. perfect 1st age style architecture and also library is there. (Mundane Subjects only) Highly recommended to avoid this area if you do not wish to stay there permanently.

Side Note – May be good place to banish people.

 - Extremely abundant flora and fauna – The waters just north of Freyrdawn to just south of the ruins of Cybifer contain an unexplained abundance of fish and plants. No Geomantic or sorcerous workings active to explain the unusual fertility. – Further Studies needed

 - Also stopped by Freyrdawn to check in on the Jarl and city post attack and reconstruction. used 2 talents of silver for financial relief for the people, fixed the granary, and sent order for 15 fishing trawlers to be moved to Freyrdawn from the captured ships to replace loses.

 - Stopped and checked in on Rune and Keris work in the rebuilding of Jotenfhan. Excellent work being completed so far. Rebuilt city will have sewer and drainage facilities as well as walls and stone houses and roofs to avoid future fire attacks.

Vengance for the Fallen

With our adventures to the West coming to a close for now I felt the need to record all that has happened. Our journey as done in two parts. Since several different horseman tribes attacked us we were forced to deal with them each separately.

  Our first journey took us to the Horselords who ruled the City of Caer Zegrul. This city is ruled by a mighty chieftain woman who rides a rhinoceros which can shoot flames into battle. We were met by several thousand soldiers at the entrance to the city. When we spoke of our desire to speak with the rulers about our grievances we were led through the city to a large wall and what we though was a palace gate. As we entered the doors behind us closed the the escorts scambled on their mounts away behind gates in the walls that quickly shut. then walls separating all of us came from the ground. We were trapped in a coliseum.

  After a brief announcement of how we would meet our demises for their entertainment doors rose and each of us were faced with a dozen of the horsemen on mounts that attacked us. Sadly for them they were all each defeated by us in less than a minute. Wounded and dismounted fleeing from the door they came from.

  The second challenge after sneering remarks from the announcer came out to fight each of us. This challenge was significantly worse. I faced an ox dragon. Khorvax faced a Tyrant Lizard, and Rycathus and snowflake were challenged by a manticore. While each of our battles were brutal and tests of our ability each of us managed to slay our opponents. I decapitated my opponent, Rycathus and snowflake dismembered and slaughtered the manticore, and Khorvax did the most remarkable of fights and with strength alone shattered the jaw and took the head of the tyrant lizard himself. The crowd went nuts no longer were just jeers being said.

  The final challenge was then announced for us. The partitions keeping us apart feel and the largest doors oin the wall swung open. What stepped for was something we could not have anticipated. A chimera from the deep wyld stepped forth. A lion, dragon and goat heads all roared as its body over 10 meters long stepped forth against us. What happened after this was an epic battle as all of us deployed are strongest attacks and weapons abilities against this monstrosity. All of us received wounds as we gave them. In the end with a mighty shout Khorvax nearly bisected the chimera with a blow from Volcano Cutter and dealt the mortal blow. The arena was quiet for a good 30 seconds as no one could believe what they just witnessed. Suddenly as if a spell had ended an eruption of cheers are screams all around us happened. The crowd went berserk at the victory none expected us to gain.  It was then the leader of the city came out with a full defense squadron to speak with us. While holding her position of strength she understood what the three of us could and would do if things were not brought to a much more respectful level.

We were given great honors and rooms in the rulers palace and after a feast, negotiations began. The ruler of this city had sent underlings to raid and they were the ones who destroyed Cybifer. They all said they were just meaning to raid and steal but something came over the men and they grew violent and began destroying everything. This description leads me to believe they were manipulated and that is what caused the rampage. Ultimately We dueled and captured the leaders of the raid and together with their families and possessions they were ordered to return with us. I hope this is enough for Ryx.

After settling things at the city we returned to Thronghar with several talents of silver and a number of goods as well for our country, as well as the families of the defeated commanders. After getting everything settled we next went to the Horsemen who attacked Freyrdawn.

These horseman lived in smaller groups around sacred glades of trees to them. Their symbol is a loin and their elite mounts are lion type cats they ride. For these scattered tribesman we has to track down several groves. In all we attacked and killed all of the men of three groves. We took back much of our stolen goods and took their wagons and possessions as well. We left warnings of retaliation with the women and children of the glades as we took our possessions and returned back to Thronghar again. This trip brought us more weapons and arrows as well as wagons and more horses and even some lion mounts as well. Hopefully the warnings to these tribesman will be enough.

The Seige of North Port

Aneryxid (Ryx)Coras Sakar and Shinobi set sail on heavily manned War boat from the peninsula to gain intel and lay siege to the small boot shaped island connected to the archipelago of Palinquin. With summoned Water, Wood and Wind elementals conjured they quickly made haste to their first approaching conquest. The Asir had annexed and enslaved these lands many moons ago and the party was looking to widdle down the Asir’s defenses and plunder much-needed goods due to recently coming out of a war with the DIS.

On the voyage, a battle plan was formed and taken into action. Aneryxid (Ryx) and Coras Sakar were to infiltrate the town at nightfall while Shinobi stayed with the men on the ship about a mile from the docks. Everything was going to plan when an opportunity to cut the head of the snake presented itself to Aneryxid (Ryx) and Coras Sakar. The two solars found themselves stealthily entering the decorated house of the magistrate of North Port while the party’s wasp demons were keeping an eye out for invisible spies. During their investigation, an Asirian soldier reluctantly informs the magistrate of unidentified demon wasps that were spotted in the area. The Magistrate mumbles under his breath " they must be watching me". As the room clears the magistrate looks to an empty part of the room and says " take care of it ".

To prevent further detection Coras Sakar unveils himself and plummets his poisoned tip dagger into the neck of the magistrate leaving him prone and wriggling on the ground trying to catch his breath. Coras Sakar realizes close combat is not his strong suit and decides to dart his way out the door. Suddenly dangerous threats emerge as two Blood Apes materialize from the ether and set their eyes on the fleeing Coras Sakar. "This must be who the magistrate was talk too, " he thinks as his pace quickens. However, Aneryxid (Ryx) is ready for the ambush. She casts her prepared spell and the entire home starts to drip with heavy mists that blankets the area, leaving each unwanted assailant helpless and gasping for air including one of the rushing Blood Apes. The other demon Ape would shortly be convinced to join Aneryxid (Ryx) side of the battle as his master lay dying on the floor. Aneryxid (Ryx) sends a whisper to Shinobi to make landfall with his ship as quickly as possible, the full assault on North Port was now inevitable.

The hidden assault had ended and now the war had begun. The mist and commotion coming from the home had alerted the town’s soldiers, as they spilled into the streets outside of the Magistrate’s residence. In an attempt to frighten the horde of soldiers amassing from the garrison Coras Sakar stood atop a pile of dead and wounded bodies and began taunting the mass of soldiers with little effect while Aneryxid (Ryx) lured unaware soldiers into the deadly mist she had spawned. After giving his boomerang a kiss the solar unleashes his weapons full might to cut down the horde of soldiers, severing the arms, heads, and torsos of the throng in one fatal blow. A hundred ground soldiers lay dead but the battle raged on with a volley of arrows headed straight for the party. Archers atop roofs of buildings started to pursue the party as the solars retreated back to the docks to meet Shinobi

Shinobi sensing the distress of the party leaves the ship about 20 mins from the docks and rides in on a wasp demon to join the solars in battle. As he lands on the docks he immediately readies himself for battle by channeling his essence of the snake that looks as though his body is coiling itself for a deadly striking assault against his foes. The battle continues as Aneryxid (Ryx)Coras Sakar and Shinobi cut down 200 more trained Asirian soldiers. North Port lay still as the three solars hunt and kill any fleeing Asirian soldiers. “No Prisoners” was a motto decided upon before the battle began.

The blood bath over, the townspeople are scared and restless, wanting to flee from the chaos. Coras Sakar unveils himself as a freedom fighter of Palinquin, here to free the people from the bonds of the Asir. As his mask descends from his face the evidence is clear, his blood runs deep with Palinquinian nobility. The elders are convinced. They and their people help the heroes raid the town for books, jewelry, maps, and jade. The raid finished, the town is burnt to the ground leaving little trace of what had happened there. The townspeople board the 5 docked Warships and 24 fishing boats and set sail to the next town on the island as the solars hop on their demon wasps headed to the next battle.

- A recalling of the Seige of North Port by Derek.


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