Tag: Dreamfang


  • Dreamfang Peninsula

    Dreamfang Peninsula resides due west of Palanquin along the western edge of the Dreaming Sea.  It has has been settled within the last century with a viking-like people that have spent the whole time raiding each other and anyone close by, its …

  • Harkynvhal

    City: Harkynvhal

    Population: 8,500

    Ruins of a first age citadel carved directly out of and into a mountain, Harkynvhal, is both breath taking and heart breaking to see how far it has fallen from it previous glory.  It was …

  • Fynrhenor

    Secluded in a mysterious and dangerous forest, this city is home to some 10,000 people who have made a life for themselves among the trees.  They are peerless hunters and gatherers, and are used to a hard life, fighting against the various …