Tag: Fae


  • Circus of Broken Dreams and Lost Souls

      The sounds of laughter and excitement mingled in the air along with the sizzle of food being cooked at different stalls. Children with their parents tailing ran excitedly from different stalls with games in them eager to try to win a prize.

  • Isle of the Fae

    Isle of the Fae

      While the Fae have a extravagant name for this large island they inhabit, the mortals of the Dreaming Sea have a far simpler name: The isle of the Fae. The …

  • Unfathomable Cthonic Horror

    U.C.H. was first encountered when his summoned goblins attacked a caravan the circle was protecting. His minions carried off the caravan workers which lead to a chase by the circle that ended with several of them boarding his ship and a standoff ensued. …