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  • Meeting of the Jarls

    I mentally ticked off the list of things left to do as I hurried into the main hall in Thronghar before the meeting of the Jarls. The meeting with Solkhar, Emissary of the Wolf Lord, God of the Hunt, went well but left me with my worries on my …

  • Harkynvhal

    City: Harkynvhal

    Population: 8,500

    Ruins of a first age citadel carved directly out of and into a mountain, Harkynvhal, is both breath taking and heart breaking to see how far it has fallen from it previous glory.  It was …

  • Medicines of the Sol Empire

    These products are unique to the Sol Empire. The medicine is sold in the market and can be received for free from any temple of Raikiri for his faithful.


    Secluded in a mysterious and dangerous forest, this city is home to some 10,000 people who have made a life for themselves among the trees.  They are peerless hunters and gatherers, and are used to a hard life, fighting against the various …

  • Sol Empire

    Sol Empire


    The Sol Empire occupies the entirety of the Dream fang Peninsula and extends a bit south of it as well. The Empire is the newest of small powers to arise along the shores of the Dreaming Sea. At less than a year …

  • Rainer Stardancer

    While is true origins remain an enigma, the trust that Na'Varr placed in him by bringing him to the Sol Empire has lended him a since of legitimacy in the eyes of the ruling Solars there. He has taken to leading a dozen thaumaturges, also brought to the …