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The lands beyond the Summer Mountains mingle the fertility of the East with the riches of the South. This is a realm of tangled trees and wild beasts, girded by ape-ruled jungles and savannas lorded over by lions. Civilization seethes furiously around the cauldron of the Dreaming Sea—an ocean extending from the edge of the world, its depths teeming with fish, elementals, and things of the Wyld. The land is equally abundant, yielding a great wealth of crops, spices, precious metals, ivory and gems to bedeck the temples of Southeastern gods and the palaces of rajahs and ranis. 

Empires burgeon across the Southeast, absorbing dozens of formerly independent city-states.  Meanwhile, puissant gods spread their cults and influence, while Fair Folk reavers in ships of glass and iridescent chitin carry mortals by the hundreds to their courts on island citadels or beneath the waters of the Dreaming Sea.

Eastward, the sea grows wilder and weirder. Colored fires play upon the surface, while all manner of beasts monstrous and grotesque cavort beneath the waves. Where brightly burning  empires give way to the embers of ancient civilizations are found such places as the sea-canyon  City of Haven, whose tangle of crisscrossing bridges leads to halls and chambers carved into the  walls over the course of ten thousand years; the calcareous island fortress of Shinjok, where the pre-human Backbenders warp human thralls into their own image through gruesome spinal surgery; and the ominous basalt towers of Dis, home to a primordial race of flesh-eating gigantes who enslave men and beasts alike with sorcery and soulgems. But age is no defense against ambition, and soon the young empires of the Southeast will cross blades with these elder powers.




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