Sins of the Solar Empire.

Entry 27 - Travel Journal of Zhuge Liang

Exploration notes of the Restless Dreams Bay and Dreaming Sea around the empire.

Today me Rycathus and a small team of various elementals continued to survey the seas surrounding us. The following summaries of places of note are mentioned below.

1. A small island under an enormous magical working. Most likely a solar level working as it is of a power I have never seen beofre and truly believe would not be easily replicateable by anyone other than one of my fellow exalts.

2. Rich fishing areas around Fynrenhor

3. A witch that lives south of the wall from Thronghar. Allied with the storm hags.

4. Rich kelp forests not far from Jotunfhan.

5. A mysterious small crop of trees that are fully adapted to living underwater. The seeds make a large pure salt deposit around them. If seed comes in contact with air it dies rapidly. Tree has effect of lowering salinity in water area they are planted in. Wood from the tree is hydrophobic and hyper buoyant as well as hard as iron.

6. A small island that is an air demense that is the lair of Thonagra. – Follow up to exterminate this bitch needed.

7. A wood Demense defended by many strangle vines.

8. An extremely dangerous warping in the geomancy under the sea. Not far from Fynrenhor and Thronghar. It would flood half peninsula if it winds up exploding.

9. A cloaked island that floats in the sky. Winged people live there. – Follow up on detailed search will occur expand to new entry once done. I am excited at what may be on this odd place!




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