Sins of the Solar Empire.

Entry 28 Thonagra's Lair - Travel Journals of Zhuge Liang

Thanks to a reluctant witch that Rycathus found on the coast we were able to locate Thonagra's Lair. a small island off the coast a fair ways, it is an air demense surrounded by storms and weather she controls.

  We embarked on a smaller but sturdy fast ship and I brought Aurora Raikiri's Herald with us as well to assist in countering the foul weather the hags set around their island. The hag unleashed her servants against us. Sea snake monsters from the water and thunderbirds from the air assaulted us. Rycathus took to fighting the sea snakes while Chan'de took to fighting off the Thunderbirds attacks. With their suppression efforts I was able to begin battling Thonagra. Lightning struck and flew across the sky and tore through clouds and waves. In the end Thonagra was grievously wounded and I demanded her surrender. Her reply was less than desired and although i gave her a choice to voluntarily go into a Yasal crystal she raged and cursed against me. It was at this time that Chan'De spoke to her and with glib silvered words and arguments coaxed Thonagra into the Yasal crystal. With this our largest spirit threat from the empire was subdued.


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