Sins of the Solar Empire.

Entry 32 Travel Journal of Zhuge Liang - Avandal The City Hidden in the Clouds

The investigation of the cloaked floating island anomaly has been resolved. This is actually a hidden race of winged peoples who look very close to us that live on the island. The speak a skytongue derivative I am unable to understand but fortunately their elders spoke old realm so I was able to speak with them. The city is protected by an extremely fierce wind funnel that violently flings those who get to close away often at the cost of their lives. Using the blessings of Raikiri I was able to break the veil around the island and see it with my own eyes. I also led to a massive barrage of ballista bolts being showered towards me. One grazed me causing a light wound but I was able to deflect and dodge the rest.  They were a bit hostile and extremely guarded in words and actions.

  Rycathus was able to learn tat despite the hosts showing great levels of knowledge higher than any cultures we met prior they were in dire straights. Short on food stuffs and their islands energy was depleting quickly. While we were initially rebuffed multiple times the elder we first spoke to finally agreed to let us help after his daughter interceded on our behalf.  We ultimately used a sorcerous working to drain the demense that Thonagra ruled before we defeated her to recharge the manse of the island to give it more energy and time to do needed repairs.

  The government of these people is a rule of elders and they seem to rule by general consent of the masses as a whole. Quite curious. The elder that received us ultimately thanks again to his daughter, became the head of their elders council after their deeds of blocking us from helping came to light. All in all we gained a good trading partner and maybe even friends in the future.

Side Note – These people carry first age knowledge of medicine, ship building (Skyships), Materials, as well as lore and other subjects. Their wine is their primary trading item and is extremely good. we must make efforts to increase our friendship with them as they could be a huge help in raising the level of livelyhood of our empire.


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