Sins of the Solar Empire.

Torture chamber - Day 1

As I walk down the hallway the stone echoes as every step I make, the musky calcium and the sweat of the nervous fuels my rage. Thoughts kept the whispers in place. “You, you destroyed my people”, “You destroyed something beautiful”, “an empire of sacrifice, the women raged through you as you filthy men grabbed and tainted everything that is pure”. Flashbacks started to happen to all I have seen and saved. My tattoo grows in anger and become spikes urging for flesh. Saddened that I only have a week. As I turn the corner, I was greeted by 4 men with mops and tired of the smell of excrement. I told them to “Leave me, and return when the sun has set” One of them gave me the keys of the caged delicious flesh mounted in stone and ran out with the others. All twelve, wide eyes on me while I opened and locked the cage. I even threw the keys out knowing when the Mopmen came back they would unlock to my voice.

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Once I was fully immersed in the fear and filth I couldn’t help but smile. “Hello, I am the Night Mother and owner of Sybirfir, My name is… Well I guess you don’t deserve my name do you?” I walk over to the person that looks like the captain. “Are you the captain?”. He started making hums but I couldn’t understand. I quickly realize all of their tongues are cut off. “Okay Blink once if you are, Twice if you are not” He didn’t blink. Went to the next one “You know how to use your eyes?” He blinked rapidly. “Okay Blink once if you are the captain, Twice if you are not” He blinked twice. “Thank you, is he the captain? Blink once if he is, Twice if he’s not” The captain begins to worry and again humming unintelligibly. The soldier begins to tear up and blinks once and looks at him. I smile and say “Thank you, Now only if you didn’t follow your captain to destroy Sybirfir you wouldn’t be in this situation. Nevertheless, I’ll reward you somehow for your honesty”. I turn back to the captain, closing his eyes in fear hum/screaming unintelligibly. “Oh no you don’t, you didn’t blink when I asked you too.” I flexed my tattoo to come off my fingers as claws and I gently pull one of his eyelids open. Chiseling with my index claw through the eyelid flesh and letting it snap back. I look at the eyelid skin “Huh you have great eyelashes” Throwing it on the wall and the captain is hum/screaming unintelligibly. “What is that? You didn’t want to blink so I’m just helping you out. I’ll let you keep your left eyelid for more questions.” I turn back onto the soldiers, “All of you may have previous names, but in here you are going to go by what I give you.”  I go around naming the soldiers and I spit in the captain's face and tell him thats his name.


I walk up to Nin “You have pretty eyes, Ate do you think he has pretty eyes, Blink once for yes” He didn’t blink “ Well I think he does, I don’t think you deserve those eyes” I grow my black claws even longer to make them needle like piercing the delicate, wet tissue of the cornea; moving carefully to ensure Nin feels the the darkness of Mara’s touch. As it slides deep in his pupil ever so slowly. Going through the iris, the lens, all the way to the very back of his tearing, burning eye. Seeing him wince I could tell I got the nerve as he is screaming pain, I explore the soft, tender tissue inside. “Isn’t this fun”, I take it out abruptly hearing the eyeball make a pop noise letting the goop of his eye shreds on the captain and unfold the external rectus out of the eye socket onto his face. “Your fingers however are filthy things that steal away the life and happiness of innocent women and children you’ve touched” taking my two of my claws (Like scissors) and placing the center point at the lowest joint in each finger. Squeezing hard and twisting until it cuts to bone. Then breaking the bone. sploosh “Do you know what skin allows?” as I begin pulling off the skin on the fingers. “Skin allows you to feel the warmth of a loved one. There was a Dragonborn named Dria that you slaughtered” Now starting to pick off the muscles in fingers and causally throwing them behind me. “I liked her, I liked hugging her, and bringing her back clothing from other towns and your filthy fingers took that away” Tugging at the bones and attempting to pull the radius bone from out of the hand. When I do I realized there is a lot of blood. “Oh no you don’t” I take the torch from the wall and heat a stone to sear it shut. “I’m not done with you yet”. I use my spider feet to walk on the stone wall behind him and kneel down and let my claws cut open his skin under and behind his head. “You know I always wanted to know if I could create a fountain of blood.” I look to my audience  “But the spine was always in the way”. I make the slit a little deeper. “Since the stone wall is holding you up this present an opportunity”. I reach in and tug on the spine a few times to hear the fear of my audience. I gently crack it and hearing it crack and feeling the vibrations all through my body makes me completely orgasm along the wall. Taking breaths I heavy sigh “ I have needed this” and pull out the spine to where it hits the ceiling and shakes some blood on it. Then jump down on the floor seeing Nin’s body is limp still supported by the stone wall. Laying the spine down gently. I walk up to Nin and push his stomach a little to see blood coming up and over the slit on top of his neck. Backing up to Wo “Let’s see if this works” and running to Nin and jump kick off his stomach crushing his rib cage from the force flipping over and landing on my feet looking at the blood fountain that gushed at the ceiling and little chunks of organs flair off of the spewing gushing red blood and it rains on the captian, En, and Elve. Orgasming again and admiring what I have done. I look at the spine next to my feet, “This spine really intact, Do you want to know how intact -” I spit at the captian. “Blink once for yes, Blink twice for no” the Spit didn’t blink. I proceed to whack the captain with the spine till the spine breaks.

I heard Coras walking down the hallway at this point. “Coras?” I yelled,

Ryx: “Can you cut someone's eyelids off and they’ll still be alive”,

Coras: “Yes, but they will go blind due to infection, you’ll have to keep their eyes moist”

Ryx: “Will mop water do?”

Coras: “It’ll sting but I can see that working temporarily”

Ryx: “Perfect.”

I Chisel with my index claw through the other eyelid flesh of the captain and letting it snap back “Oh look I have two set of great eyelashes” Grinning and grabbed the other on on the wall and placed them on the wall like a face facing the captain. And scratched a smile on the wall  “Hmm It’s missing something, ah a nose” I walk over to Nin and sliced his nose off slowly for everyone to hear the full cartilage snapping. I walked over the wall and placed a nose on the wall and let the blood dry in the wall so it will stay. “You know why I put a smile on the wall?” “Because all of you should be happy, you successfully slain Sybirfir, isn’t that what your life means? Oh wait, now your life is meaningless. Well good news, I gave back your life’s meaning,” gesturing at Nin and still addressing everyone “ all the pain you suffered, and will suffer shall be everything you know. Everything you had joy in, shall be gone.This, this is the life you are living now. But you slain Sybirfir and Dria, so you should be happy, Correct?”. I proceed to taking my two of my claws (Like scissors) and placing the center point at the lowest joint in all of their fingers except for Ate and Spit. Squeezing hard and twisting until it cuts to bone. Begin pulling off the skin on their fingers and force feed their skin and any chucks I find from the geyser of blood event

The Mopmen came in, “Clean the ceiling, walls except for the face part, floors, their hands, sprinkle some water in captain’s eyes and I already fed them. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. And come back at tomorrow’s sunset for further instructions. Salutations.” They nodded. I turn to Coras can you make sure they don’t bleed to death except… well you’ll see which one I’m talking about?” As I walked out of the hallway I heard the groans and fears of the Mopmen. I hope they have nightmares of what they see. This is going to be a good week since this was day one.


Sairyck neverswears

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