Sins of the Solar Empire.

War of the Shimmering Dreams Plains

The fall of the Horselords

  Under Brutus' directive each of us prepared ourselves and using whirlwinds or Agata under the cover of night we sortie against our enemies. On paper it looks hopeless. 20,000 elite Horseman calvary raised since birth to hunt, fight, and ride against 10 exalted and 8 Agata. Behind us in defensive positions to protect our people another 10,000 troops split between two cities nervously awaited the dawn the the dread of the incoming hordes. Many would call what we were going to do a fools errand and sure death. We all knew differently though. The fires in our souls and eyes had been lit. No more will we cower before the impossible. Today we will be and do the impossible and our enemies and the Agents of Heaven will know what the anger of the chosen will be like.

  Each of us separate to strike the 10 largest concentrations of the enemies tents while they are sleeping or drunkenly boasting of their soon to be spoils. Their campfires lit the plains sought of Freyrdawn like a sunrise at a distance. Even with supreme confidence this is definitely something that is surely a foolish thing to do. taking a deep breath i concentrate as I begin to gather the essence around me and prepare. The signal was not lon in coming. Like a burst of a new born star in the distance left of my position a brilliant white light like a scythe lit up and then swept through a camp ending untold numbers of lives. Seconds later Flames engulfed another camp as even in the blackness a shower of arrows rained from the sky each one reaping the lives of our enemies like a guildsman to profit. TO my right a massive boomerang split into hundreds of itself and rained down like a unholy storm upon another camp. Like a macabre composer the screams of the wounds and last words of the dead mixed as the one who caused the devastation unleashed the attack again leaving the ground soaked in blood and a silence that screamed of the slaughter that occurred there. My gathering of essence completed I swooped down with my Agata and unleashed my surprise attack against those in the camp I was to strike. tens of thousands of the obsidian burst forth from the seal I completed and surged forth in a torrent towards the tents and horses of the sleeping troops. The surge of blackness went forward and behind it was a carnage that would pale the most harden soul. Nothing but blood soaked ground and chunks of equipment and meat mingled the ground. There were no screams for it caused no wounded. It was an attacked that left no illusion of the malice it held to the attackers. the Agata slowed as I jumped of and with wings of lightning I glided to the ground. Setting my stance I began the Dance of the Void. Thousands of strikes faster than their eyes could follow poured forth as I glided through their ranks. Behind me seconds later founts of blood from precise strikes poured forth from countless soldiers in my way. Many of the enemy attacked and met the same fate while many began to flee taking a horse and their life only as they fled the slaughter.

  Under the cover of night all of us completed the task of bloody vengeance for their assault upon us. Thousands of corpses littered the plains and thousands more wound crawled and moaned calling out for help as they still hadn't processed what had happened with such ferocity.

  No war is without loss and no battle is without casualties. Navarre's camp he attacked caused his anima to flare up when he attacked, suddenly it went out. Never a good sign many of us rushed there to see what happened. when we arrived there was a giant man dressed in oricalculum with several daiklaves and an all to familiar site of a hooded cloaked man, an Agent of Heaven. Navarre was badly injured and crucified on a cross. The Armored man roared you will all join your friend in suffering and die for what you have done! Suddenly 10 bright blades appeared in the air and before we could even react the struck Navarre bisecting him at the waist and ending his life. The rage and anger boiling in us caused one more problem for us. Before we could move the man then sent those blades flying at us catching us momentarily off guard. This giant was given a great honor in return for this. He became the first person in the war to personally take the rage of every exalted around him. Claw, swords, even stilts struck him repeatedly in the span of a few seconds. His life ended literally seconds after in a bloodied pile that would make even a victim of an Obsidian Butterfly attack look identifiable. The cloaked man lasted slightly longer. Several attacks were immediately launched at him. Lining up I delivered two near simultaneous strikes to him. As expected he directed part of the first attacks damage to someone close by, which was Brutus. May guess was correct however in that apparently he can only do so once as my second attack ended the life of him instantly. With this the battle was effectively over. Their army remnants fled in every direction but towards our lands. a number of us chased remnants striking them down while others gathered the scattered horses. Lastly a few of us chased large groups of survivors and spoke with them regarding the battle and brought several thousand of them back to join our empire. Finally as we all began to gather back up the first rays of the sun peaked over the land and the battle was over.


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