Jarl Genevieve

Jarl of Freyrdawn


A pale skinned woman with dark brown hair just passed the shoulder with an athletic build and standing at roughly 5’8". Her look is almost always stern, and demeanor only serves to reinforce that look. She’s very calculating and, while not entirely emotionless, she never shows any.


Chosen by Na’Varr, Genevieve is the new Jarl of Freyrdawn. He picked her for this difficult task for a singular reason; her shrewd business acumen. She reminded him much of himself in a former life. Her sharp mind and wary nature also lended well to such an appointment. She had served Na’Varr for many years prior to this appointment as his chief accountant and right hand in his mercantile operations. He depended on her a great deal then, and depends on her even more now to run this city within his fledgling empire.

While she is often seen engaging in more intellectual endeavors in her free time, since her near death at the hands of the fae, she has taken to training herself in the ways of armed combat. She regularly carries a longsword on her hip, her hand ever on the hilt.

Jarl Genevieve

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