Rhyster Ma'Grov

An Attractive blonde male known for his silver tongue


Rhyster is in his early 20s, and is always well appointed. He carries himself with a regal gait, unlike most of the others. Though he is not to be underestimated as his skill with a blade is anything but lackluster.


Younger brother to Ku’Lhain, Rhyster grew up always overshadowed by his brother’s imposing presence and authoritative demeanor. Due to this, he grew to be a smooth talker and lady’s man. He was given command over the Outriders of Harkenvhal; the individuals that would ride out to the other cities on the peninsula and act as emissaries and negotiators. He has also worked his way into being in charge of the finances and treasury for the citadel.

Rhyster Ma'Grov

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