Sins of the Solar Empire.

A moment's respite

  Time flows to quickly. It has already been three months since the battle with the Horselords and the death of Navarre. Still so much is left to do even with things getting completed. The Great Southern Wall for lack of a more creative name ofr it yet has been completed. There is now a 15 ft. high 10 ft. long wall running across the entire bottom of the peninsula covering both Thronghar and Freyrdawn and its surrounding farmlands. Also as a fitting tribute a massive statue of Navarre stands over the Central gate of the wall. Two other are close to both Thronghar and Freyrdawn. At least there is now a physical barrier to slow or stop attacks by land going forward. in the mean time supplies have been given out that Navarre brought. The refugees of the Horselords that agreed to become vassals have been settled. Several of my personal projects have been completed and born fruit already. In an endless sea of things to do it is nice to finally feel like there is progress. Soon the cities will be finished with their expansions and re-designs. I haven't spoken much to my other circle mates the past few months. I am sure they are all busy pursuing their plans and goals as well. It should be time to begin our next large plan soon. I wonder how the Ysyr in Pallenquin will love their soon to be new occupation hell.


Sairyck drakor1979

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