Sins of the Solar Empire.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower.

Liberation of the ancient tower.

Conquest of the Alabaster Tower

Field Report by Zhuge Liang

  After holding our meeting for planning we were finally ready. The explorations we have done around the empire previously led us to a cave to the south where we saw small reptilian creatures and large brutish creatures as well underground.  For ease we have dubbed the kobold, which i believe is the equivalent to cockroach on one of the Western Islands native tongues. The larger ones brutes since they really are just giant hulks of muscle. For this measure we have gathered up pretty much everyone but Ryx and Coras since they have left to go to Palenquin for now to begin the plan to unseat the Ysyr for there. We arrived quickly enough at the small cave opening and quickly went inside. The same colapsed area remained  from are earlier retreat. With Keris and Rune plus my skill we quickly cleared the debris restoring the tunnel that would leads us back to the mysterious tower. 

  Our initial attempt to get them to chase us into the tunnel again to limit their numbers failed. They seemed to have realized how disadvantageous it would be for them to do so. After quickly organizing ourselves we all prepared and nodded and charged forth. When we entered the large cavern with the tower in the distance it was already filled with several thousand of the kobold creatures and four of the brutes that I could make out in the light.  This was going to be a lot more complicated then we expected. Calming ourselves several of us took our respective Martial Styles stances and the few seconds of the standoff between our sides shattered. With precision strikes, crippling blows, arrows of incomparable accuracy, dodging and counter strikes of incomparable grace, as well as the claws and teeth of snowflake. All of our violence and skills we brought to bear in a savage clashing with the teeming hordes of these creatures as we began the war for the tower.  Like a literal avalanche our opponents first tried to overwhelm us with sheer numbers. Regrettably for them that was a foolish choice as brutal and precise counters and assaults left tens of them dead or dying as each of us unleashed unrestrained violence against them.  Like a fog that burns away from the rising of the sun we cut them down with nearly no opposition of risk to us. That was until the the brutes finally managed to engage with us as well. Shinobi and Rycathus/snowflake each had a few join combat against them as well as Morlok was stuck with one clashing with him.

  Making the quickest decisions I could I cut a swath through the teeming hordes of the foul little bastards to help take out the Brutes which towered over the kobolds. I managed to make it over to help Shinobi take down a Brute while the others after a few moments of fighting started falling to each of us as well.  Once the Brutes fell we began moving forward again when an unexpected assault on us occurred.  Incoming streaks of flaming birds rained down amongst us as well as the enemy fodder as well. The blasts injured several of us as well as incinerating a number of the kobolds. The acrid stench of their burnt flesh as nearly nauseating.  Several large monsters that look like humanoid in build from the waist up but with prominent snake features and below the waist pure snake had fired spells upon us from an incredible distance away.  We all quickly realizing the danger of being barraged repeatedly began to hack our way forward quickly.  I quickly released my wings and channeled the power of lightning to surge forth as a bolt to close the gap with the creatures before they could open a new barrage. I was the first of our party to reach the five sorcerers but I was not the first to land a blow. A flawless arrow engulfed in the flames of the sun roared forth and struck one of the creatures just before I arrived injuring and burning the creature horribly.  I landed and gave them an immediate ultimatum to surrender or be destroyed.  Shadows all around me surged forth grasping and slashing at me as the 4 remaining sorcerers all launched attacks quickly.  Several struck me adding several fresh wounds to my burns I had taken earlier.  I pushed the fury into my bladed and in a strike and flash the first of the creatures head was decapitated. It happened so quickly I caught the head on the edge of my blade and flung it at the creature whose shadows injured me a few moments ago.  A screech from on of the other came as it lunged forth violently as its head to suddenly was loosened from its hybrid body. Again I flicked is head to the one who I steadily advanced to.  At this point only one of the others stood between me and the creature who had earned my wrath. Summoning countless shadow claws the surged forth in a violent wave of savaging darkness towards me.  Even in the near pitch blackness of the wave a clean sound was heard as a small glint through the center of the shadows was seen. Shrickkt like a fabric being torn a clean slash cut the shadows like the morning sun surges through darkness. The last creature between and my grudge fell into two pieces as it fell to the deadly swiftness on the martial form I have learned.  The snake creature nw full of fury and unnerved lunged biting and clawing at me as I dodged and parried as needed waiting for the opening needed to complete the attack I needed. I looked it in the eye as a small smirk formed Shining Point into the Void form strike. Fatal slash of the liquid steel flow.  The creature stopped and looked both confused and fearfully as my foot moved a few inches.  It just swayed there looking confused as the life slowly left its eyes as small red lines began to appear in perfect cut pieces. Seconds later without even understanding how it died it fell into the hundreds of pieces it was slashed into from my attack.  The remaining little kobold creatures fled in every direction as the last one fell crushing any who fell or were wounded under them as they tried their best to flee us. All of our animas at this point from the hard fight were iconicly glowing illuminating the cavern in a light that revealed the slaughter in its rawest of forms. Throats and necks were laying in impossible angles from the direction that Shinobi ran. chunks scraps and pieces were all that remained of the path Rycathus road in on. Pulped bodies and gore was left in the wake of the others.  In the end we held the field and conquered the Tower of Alabaster.

  Resting a bit and exploring the tower after the battle led to a discovery of a nice cache of money and Jades. The most interesting discovery was a person made of stone though. Something called a stone born? Morlok knew of its kind and helped to carry them safely out of the tower so that we could tend to their wounds. I look forward to speaking to it once it awakens. It is always a good day to discover something new.


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