Sins of the Solar Empire.

Meat Trees and a Royal executioner is a plant?

How to get friends through gardening

  Rycathus notes on this cant be right. I looked over at Shinobi to have him confirm it as well but he too confirmed it said talking plant here on the map. We were rapidly traveling on my whirlwind to the location marked. Once we got to the area it took about another 30 minutes before we came across a lush growth of plants and trees just as Rycathus notes indicated. About 5 minutes of walking towards the center of the growth led us to a giant blooming flower with an amazingly intoxicating scent. I called out hello in greetings to the flower but nothing. Me and Shinobi looked at each other and I called out again. This time saying Rycathus told us about you. The flower rapidly closed itself in a seeming reverse into a large bud like structure and then spoke. Ahh he mentioned some friends of his may come by, I take that would be you. A vine was extended by the plant to us with two small berries. Both of you eat one. My pollen causes people to become dull which makes it easier to prey upon them. Since you are the friends of that fellow eating the berry will keep it from affecting you. After eating the berry we began an odd chat with a sentient plant. Ultimately after about 30 minutes of talking Seymour which is the plants name, agreed to let us move him to the Empire and accept the position of Royal Executioner. 

  He shared also that if he eats animals or his preference people, the plants around him grow incredibly healthy and faster. It took all four of my elemental servants to safely move Seymour but he is now safely in Thronghar and assuming is position. We had one other odd excursion as well. Evidently Rycathus had encountered a god of a woods and offered aid to him to deepen a friendship. We flew again out to this woods and spoke to the massive eagle god of the forest. Our quest was to remove a tainted tree of some sort from the forest since its presence was causing mutations to local animals and was harming the forest.

  After departing we headed to the location indicated. It was immediately noticeable regarding the problem. A huge tree that looked like 5 or 6 trunks were woven together grew in a twisted fashion up into a wide gnarled canopy. Strange fruits that are covered in a literal flesh covering hand on the tree and many rotting litter the ground. I summoned my twins to ask them if they would have any problems walking the tree away from the forest. The twins indicated they could their eyes already twinkling looking at the fruit. They quickly began conversing with themselves and the tree. While they were preparing everything we noticed some large animals a bit of a ways away. Once we investigated a bit more we saw boars that were larger than bulls roaming around. It seems the tend to stay in this area due to the fruit the tree makes. This tree is definitely wyld tainted. we will need to study it further once we can move it closer to the demense in Freyrdawn where the gods reside. We of course took several of the boars down and gathered about  a dozen massive ivory tusks as well.

  Several days later a quick meeting with the gods of Freyrdawn yielded the unique tree to a new home where we can experiment further with the fruits the tree grows. We still have more places to visit and things to resolve but a number of the smaller things on our borders are now resolved. Only two larger issues remain, but we will take care of them another time.



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